Newsom Should Be Recalled; but loser John Cox is the Wrong Replacement

Congressman Devin Nunes had it right on Maria Bartiromo’s show on Fox last week when he said that Republican’s might have a chance to replace California Governor Gavin Newsom with one of our own in the coming recall election, but only if the GOP can “settle on one candidate.”  I agree with Nunes, but go further and observe that the one candidate we settle on to try to win should definitely not be John Cox, who was the man Gavin Newsom “feared least” in the 2018 election campaign, in which Cox was able to snag the GOP nomination in a crowded primary but went on to finish the race with a dismal 38.1% of the vote against Newsom’s 61.9%.  Cox was such a bad candidate, that Newsom actually spent millions on television ads putting Cox’s face on the screen and accurately informing the public of Cox’s position on the issues.  I think Newsom may even have outspent Cox himself in telling the public what Cox stood for, and those issues and Cox’s curious personality simply did not resonate with most Californians in 2018.

It has been a long time since a Republican has held a statewide office in California.  Yet “now is now,” and the widespread discontent with Governor Newsom’s handling of the pandemic and the litany of his other failures in managing the state, like grabbing too much power, and trying to erase the state’s death penalty law, too long to detail here, have created an opportunity to remove him from office under the state’s recall system, and allow for a new Governor to take the helm.   Could the winning replacement candidate who captures the imagination of these throngs of disenchanted Californians actually be a Republican?

It would be a stretch for a Republican to be the top vote getter in California if Newsom is recalled.  Republican registration in the state has fallen to lowest levels since statehood.  Newsom and his campaign advisors will also vilify any Republican by tying them to an “unpopular” Donald Trump.

Yet it is not impossible for a Republican to win.  Several deeply “blue” states have elected Republican Governors as a sort of check on Democratic control of state legislatures.  Massachusetts and Maryland, and even Illinois a few years ago, are examples.  The distrust of Newsom is currently strong, and getting stronger, and earning headlines like “Two job performance polls give Gavin Newsom bad news, and worse news.”  It makes sense that changes in voter attitudes on Newsom could also signal changes in attitude about party preference for Governor.  The way the recall ballot is structured, whoever comes in first out of a long list of replacement candidates is the winner.  This is how Schwarzenegger was first elected in 2003.  It doesn’t take a majority vote, just the top vote getter on a long list of candidates.  The fact that Republicans are a “minority party” is not such a big disadvantage in a recall election – if Republicans are disciplined.  I am not saying it is a sure thing, but I believe it is in the realm of possibility that Republicans could elect the next Governor coming out of the Newsom recall effort, as long as we heed Nune’s advice: to “settle on one candidate.”

John Cox simply is not that candidate.  I have nothing against John Cox personally and I’ll bet he is a good guy.  But as a political candidate he has an extensive, remarkable history as a loser, who has never won an election, he has taken some awful issue positions, and will be a spoiler in the recall election for Republicans if he stays in the race, or if Republican voters take him seriously and give him enough support to lose the replacement election for us.

            It is time for Republicans to reflect on who John Cox is politically and stop taking him seriously.

John Cox was hardly a serious candidate for governor of California in 2018 when the first UC Berkeley/IGS poll was announced in March of 2017 and gave him, the only Republican listed in the poll, 18 percent of the vote and the prized second spot against Gavin Newsom, suggesting to amateur political observers that he might have a chance.  The ensuing press reports took Cox seriously. But none of the reporters did much homework on Cox, labeling him positively as a political newcomer or outsider. They all failed to mention he had been on the ballot before in California, with an awful showing. The reporters could have recalled for readers that Cox was surely not a fresh face to our statewide ballot, and that the last time he was on it, he ran for the Republican nomination for President of the United States in the February, 2008 primary, and proved a miserable votegetter, barely mustering 3,200 votes statewide, finishing with .01 percent, while both John McCain and Mitt Romney drew over a million votes each.

Cox, a native of Illinois, is a serial candidate, and what older Republican operatives might label a “Harold Stassen.” Stassen once served as governor of Minnesota and was termed a “boy wonder,” but was bit so hard by the political bug that he ran for the GOP nomination for president, unsuccessfully, 9 times in a row, losing every time.   Cox only differs from Stassen in that Cox has never won any elective office, and he has run plenty of times. He has actually hit a trifecta of losses having run for every federal office one can, losing each time. Cox has run for Cook County Clerk, Congress, and U.S. Senate, all in Illinois, losing all the races, all losses by wide margins.

But in 2008, despite all his previous electoral defeats, Cox decided to run for president as well. He says he contributed $1 million to his campaign, visited all 99 counties in Iowa, campaigned hard in New Hampshire with 14 visits, visited South Carolina 10 times to campaign, and appeared on the ballot in California. During his campaign, he got into an altercation with security at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley because his campaign performance had proven so insignificant that they would not let him in to the presidential debate. Even though he was excluded, he still tried to use a questionable media credential to enter the premises under the ruse he was a fake press operative. His vote-getting prowess was a disaster – he received not one delegate to the Republican National Convention.

By June 2017, Cox quickly fell in the gubernatorial race polls, losing 50 percent of his initial support, in the second UC Berkeley/IGS  poll when just one other Republican was added to the mix by the poll authors – this time former Assemblyman David Hadley, who was not even an announced candidate for governor at the time. The significance of the second poll, with Cox running hard for several months yet dropping from 18 percent to 9 percent as an announced candidate, and Hadley at 7 percent as an unannounced candidate with no campaign, established that Republicans had hardly raised a groundswell of support for Cox in the first poll, rather, Cox made a showing in the first poll in March because he was the only candidate on the poll Republicans had to chose from. As soon as another Republican was put on the list to chose from in the second poll, even someone not running for the office at the time, Cox’s support quickly and very significantly tanked.  Cox’s lack of real support was evidenced again in a poll in Silicon Valley in May where, once again, when listed as the only Republican on the ballot he received 16 percent of the vote, however, when the poll considered “favorability,” Cox garnered a terrible 3 percent, the lowest favorability rate of all the candidates.

When asked about the 2016 election, Cox would not tell the San Francisco Chronicle whether or not he voted for Donald Trump for president. While Cox’s strategy may now be to separate himself from Trump, Cox has gone back-and-forth on the issue of Trump.  In the 2018 election campaign, for months, John Cox refused to say who he had voted for as President.  He finally admitted that he opposed Donald Trump and voted for Libertarian Gary Johnson.  When speaking with Univision on January 13, 2017, John Cox opposed Trump’s policy to build a border wall.   Did you know that Republicans?  Just 17 days later, he tweeted out that he supported the border wall.  Cox also opposes the death penalty, a law which has been voted on favorably twice by Californians in the last decade, and which has been a part of California law since statehood.

The issues Californians and Republicans care about in opinion polls, like being taxed too much, do not really appear on Cox’s radar screen.  Cox’s central campaign theme early in his 2018 race was his “Neighborhood Legislature” idea, to expand the California Senate and Assembly to 12,000 partisan members. I ask you dear reader, do you really think what California needs right now to deal with the pandemic and other problems are 12,000 more partisan elected officials in Sacramento?  What does it tell you about a politician who thinks adding 12,000 more elected officials in Sacramento is a good idea?

It is truly a nutty idea that has no support in opinion polls. While the state Legislature is in need of reform, like making itself a part-time body, world history tells us increasing its size to that of a small coastal city is not going to improve policy. There were also thousands of members of the Soviet Union’s legislative body, far too many, intentionally, to actually make decisions, and the result was the concentration of power in a small committee known as the Politburo, which established a “dictatorship of the proletariat.” We are close enough as it is today with near dictatorship of Democratic control in Sacramento, to just add thousands more people to the legislative ranks.

What California needs is a fresh approach to our problems and also some political balance, and if the Republican Party can settle on a single, strong candidate to run for Governor in a field of many other non-Republican replacement candidates (as there will be), as Congressman Nunes says, there is indeed a long-shot chance a united GOP could win. But that candidate is definitely not John Cox.


  1. Cycleman says

    I don’t know why we’re worried about John Cox, Gavin Newsom will not be recalled. Yes there are plenty of signatures but when it gets down to the vote, nothing has changed. We have the same voting techniques, the same voting machines and the same people counting the vote – just like November 2020.

    Plus Aunt Nancy will not allow a recall to happen. If the recall does fail, little Gavin will be even more empowered to terrorize California like never before.

    If a miracle does happen and somehow he does get recalled, we should be looking at Ric Ranell or Major Williams.

    Like it or not, the Democrats have a total stranglehold on the country.

    • MissionDweller says

      Respectfully, that’s a do nothing loser attitude I’ve grown accustomed too from the over 60 GOP crowd.

      If you learned one lesson from Trump it should have been how to fight.

      • amen brother – I recognize your handle.

      • The problem I see is that so-called conservatives can’t face reality. What has changed since the 2020 vote? Yes, the GOP is a loser organization and that’s the reason why we are where we are today.

        A lot of people can’t accept reality; the reality is conservatives have lost the war. Voting in California has not mattered for decades. There is only one way of taking back the state and the country, and a lot of people might talk, but they’re not ready for the reality of what needs to be done.

        I’ve fought against corporate America and the Uni-party for decades. I’m not a defeatist, just a realist. If nothing has changed since Nov 2020 election, why would you think we’ll get a different result. Hint, we won’t regardless of what you want. Fix the voting process, machines and who counts the votes and then maybe we will have a small chance of an honest election.

        Joe Biden has already signed an executive order allowing vote cheating, what are you going to do about it?

        At the end of the day all conservatives need to band together to defeat the socialists, but unfortunately we’re not – we can even stop Anti-fa.

      • Dario Witer says

        Exactly. Cycleman is a f***ing idiot who is libertarian in RINO clothing.

    • all plausible thinking but failed thinking. Lead follow or get out of the way.

  2. Sister CH says

    I agree with Cycleman – though I would like to mention that many Christians will not vote for someone who is not pro-life and Cox ran as pro-life.

    • Research this man. We must get one good, honest human and unite. Go to:

      • Norton blocks me from this website (using the numeral 4 — “not secure.”

    • Nothing against ‘Christians’, but CA voters OVERWHELMINGLY do not want to be ‘preached’ to (on the issue of abortion, or any other issue). They will listen to ideas, but they will REJECT simplistic moralism! What we need is a candidate who can run on (and successfully argue) economic and philosophical principles based on fundamentally objective, rather than utopian world views be they Christian, or ‘socialist’!

      • EXACTLY.

        Barbara Bush was first to say to her son President Bush, leave ABORTION OUT OF POLITICS.
        Of course, he did not listen to his wise mother and we are still making the same mistake.


        And so this is just one more thing that after 40 years of Roe V. Wade, divides the American People.

        If you care about it, follow your conscious and your church. Do not expect All Americans to respect and follow what only some value. It is a free country. But a women’s body is her choice. Sorry.
        I also find it difficult to understand why would we welcome children having children in our culture and society today. Is there not enough suffering already?

        • Anne Stenehjem says

          It is still a free country (for now) but late stage abortion is murder and should not be legal. When you think of how many babies are aborted fully formed and then used for organ harvesting is sickening.

  3. I agree we need a better candidate. We need to get behind 1 person. We need to do better. I’m looking into Diego Martinez for Governor. He’s a LEGAL immigrant with a strong love for our second amendment. Go to: Let’s work to flip the governor!

  4. Bill Tapley says

    I’d vote for just about any republican candidate just to hopefully head California in different direction. People don’t usually pivot that fast about their political perspective, but the presidental election was close. We could see a result that might surprise some folks on the left side of the divide.

  5. Ms. Terri says

    I have maintained from the beginning if Newsom goes WHO will replace him? Another loser? The left RUNS this institution we call California. People honestly think there is someone with that much integrity to run in California and win???

    Hope I am wrong!

  6. Linda Diehl says

    I voted for Cox last time — but was uninformed and just went with my emotions. I’m VERY interested in Martinez, but honestly haven’t studied other GOP candidates (ARE are there any…..?). And I’m concerned about GOP backing and $$. Cox sucked down a LOT of $$ and petered out in the end. What does Martinez bring to the table? Seems like a good heart. He should do well in the Central Valley, where I’m from. Definitely LOTS of Farmers here. Hope Martinez sends the right message to our Valley citizens — FREE our WATER for the Farmers!! But what about the cities….??

  7. Mayflower Maid says

    I hope first gay Cabinet member (Ambassador to Germany, Acting Dir. of Natl Intelligence), thanks to President Trump, Richard Grenell decides to run. He would attract a wide variety of voters of both parties, especially Demwits who would be afraid to vote against him for fear of being call homophobes. Grenell isn’t afraid of the Mockingbird Media and exposes corruption when he sees it. Our legislators would be quaking in their expensive boots!

    • Chris Renner says

      Who cares if he is Gay? He is charismatic, organized, and tough. I still wouldn’t vote for him until I know what he has accomplished.

      • Grenell has accomplished PLENTY. I’d vote for him in a heartbeat! If he chooses to run, he has AS GOOD a chance of winning as anyone else. The only question is whether he has the philosophical depth (and will) to stand up against the (utopian) ideas of both the FAR LEFT (and) FAR RIGHT!

  8. Cox needs to stand down – hes a loser.

  9. Eddie Byrn says

    John Cox does NOT have my vote. I think we need an originalist Constitutionalist. Who might that be in California to run for governor? I don’t know.

  10. DENNIS WOLLEN says

    I wouldn’t vote for loser John Cox on a bet…..he’s another mitt romney….bouncing around from state to stay on the public dole….BOTH ARE TOTAL LOSERS AND RINOS….AND SWAMP SHIDT…..



  11. President Trump is interested in getting involved in supporting a strong Republican candidate that he endorses. There is much promise and potential. California is an important state for many reasons and the GOP realizes it is now possible to turn it red under the present conditions. All facts when brought to the surface should convince most Californians to change course.

  12. Lou Segal says

    Trump endorsed Cox last time which is why he advanced to the runoff. I wouldn’t count on Trump to pick a Republican who could win the election. Kevin Kiley is brilliant and would be a great governor, but not sure he has the name recognition. Maybe Faulconer, not the greatest candidate but he’s shown he can win and may appeal to some Dems and independents.

  13. Thomas J. Busse says

    Did anybody ever consider Cox is working for Newsom? He knows he’s unelectable against Newsom … just like the Democratic Machine killed Villaraigosa in the jungle primary. Cox takes money under the table so it splits the recall ensuring a Democrat wins instead of Falconer

  14. Rottweiler says

    I think it is amusing that Democrats vote for progressive losers like Gascon, Pelosi and Newsom and then they cry over their spilled milk and want to leave the state to ruin another possibly a red state with their progressive vote. Republicans should initiate a proposition that Dem voters may not be allowed to vote in red states, rather they should stay in the state their vote ruins. They leave here in droves because they can’t stand the policies they voted for. For instance now they are disgruntled about this Soro’s District Attorney Gascon and they want to recall him and yet if they were informed voters they would have looked at his and Newsom’s track record in San Francisco. They absolutely ruined SF with their awful policies and progressive agenda. Crime, homelessness, high rent, joblessness and just a ruination of the entire city thanks to them and yet they vote Lacey out, a black female who is bent on lowering crime by tough tactics. The tolerant left is not so intolerant and are actually racists when they threw her out. Funny how everyone is a racist in the Republican party but the Dems actually capitalize on it. They are the party of hate, racism, bigotry and Marxists. Check out the documentary on Clarence Thomas and you can see the cloth that Biden is cut out of. He is the most disgusting creature and truly undeserving of high office. If you see what a racist really looks like watch this movie and see how Ted Kennedy (the one who left his secretary in a vehicle after he plowed off a bridge into water for dead because his career might be over), that Ted and China Joe grilling Justice Thomas regarding all of the contrived dirt they pulled on him so that he would not become a Justice. Funny how they always are for the black civil rights until they get a conservative black man applying. Anyhow, Joe Biden is the biggest piece of flotsam and the most despicable human being ever and is ever apparent in this movie, actual footage from the inquisition.

  15. California voters, actually voted to pay more for gasoline so that Sacramento could siphon off more road tax money into the general fund. Forgive me if I do not think the chances of a rational human being, being elected is possible. I say let’s dip into the UC system and pick a top student with a “Government Affairs” degree.
    Can’t be worse.

  16. Ditto Rottweiler. This is an informed man ( or woman ), whatever. On top of their game. I would bet this person could talk for hours on what is wrong with what is going on in California.

  17. Terry Abblett says

    I was very disappointed that Trump endorsed Cox last time. I don’t think he’ll make that mistake again, but bottom line is all CA GOP members need to get behind one candidate. I think it was Travis Allen in the last election who said if all those who voted for Trump got behind one candidate, there are the numbers to win. I don’t see the Dems who signed the recall petition voting for a candidate who advocates more of the same. We need to get to work and make this election work to our benefit. We also need to all volunteer to work with CA election integrity project.

  18. Don’t be a Cox sucker.

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