Pelosi-Trump Relationship Takes Turn for the Terrible

Photo courtesy shawncalhoun, flickr

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and President Trump’s relationship may be beyond repair, and the only thing that might break the tension could be the November election itself.

The partnership between Washington’s two top powerhouses has always been fraught. But their ongoing feud took a turn for the worse during Trump’s third State of the Union address when the president appeared to snub the Speaker as she tried to shake his hand and Pelosi tore up a copy of his speech before the cameras.

Even though Trump didn’t mention impeachment during his nearly 90-minute address, it was clearly the elephant in the room on the eve of the Senate vote to acquit him of two impeachment charges passed by the House. …

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  1. She’s just a bully that nobody has ever stood up to. She’s terrorized California for years but Donald Trump is standing up to her and she doesn’t like it. She thinks she’s a mafia princess when in reality she’s just a two bit hoodlum thug and a failure. For proof just look at her shit hole district in San Francisco.

  2. us citizen says

    Trump didnt snub her, no matter what she thinks. He was turned away when she put her hand out AND he didnt shake Pence’s hand either. She is making a big to do, out of nothing. So she decided to have a hissy fit. Trump has put up with enough from this loon. She talks a sweet talk and then stabs you in the back. Enough of her. VOTE her out!

  3. So sick of this woman talking about how she prays, and how important the constitution is, she’s done everything in her power to take the constitution away from the California citizens.

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