Picking Senator Harris’ Replacement After Proposition 16’s Defeat

The suggestions of a replacement for California Senator Kamala Harris when she resigns to assume the office of Vice-President are piling up. Most come from interest groups with rationales that one of their own deserve the prized senate seat primarily based on the candidate’s identification with a demographic group. All this sounds contradictory in a state where voters just rejected the idea of choosing people for positions based on their identity. 

African Americans say Harris’s seat should be filled by a Black like her. Harris also has Asian roots and the Asian American Chamber of Commerce has written to the governor with a list of names from that community. Latinos argue they deserve the seat in a state in which Latinos outnumber other ethnicities; the LGBTQ community has spoken up for one of their own; and women organizations say Kamala Harris must be replaced by a woman. 

Strategist Liz Mair, who studied the possible seat-fillers, said she would bet on Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia who is Latino, gay, accomplished and young. And by the way an early endorser of Newsom’s gubernatorial run. 

Newsom is known as a person who likes to “make history.” Appointing the first Latino or first gay person to the senate would fit that approach.

But why all this attention in choosing a U.S. senator on how that individual is classified? 

Didn’t the voters pass on an opportunity to repeal the affirmative action ban from the state constitution? 

While not exactly the same thing, lifting the ban would allow consideration of race and gender in college application and contracting. If the first box that has to be checked in a senate application is race, gender or nationality that seems to go against the will of the people. 

Not that Newsom has let the will of the people be a barrier in the direction he wants to lead. Most recently, he ignored the affirmation of the death penalty by California voters when he announced no death penalty punishments on his watch. 

Choosing a senator by certain characteristics not only goes against the Proposition 16 vote to cancel the effort to remove the affirmative action ban, it also provides a headache for the governor. By selecting a person from a specific group, emphasizing that the selection was guided by the person’s identity with the group, he will upset other interests who did not have a favorite son or daughter chosen. 

Once again, I offer a solution to the governor to avoid this dilemma. Appoint a grizzled California veteran pol to hold the Harris seat until the next election, then all the interests that want to see someone from their group get the job can run for the open seat. In that way, policy, not identity, would come to the fore as candidates seek votes from the mosaic of California voters.

This article was originally published by Fox and Hounds Daily.


  1. And the racism prevalent on the Left Coast continues. Keeping step with the CPUSA Agenda..Sad.

  2. I like Steve Frank’s realistic prediction of Katie Porter.

  3. Someone needs to clue in the far left about the unfiltered definition of RACISM. They are masters of doing exactly what they accuse the Right half of the population of doing.
    I pray there will be a bright light in Washington exposing each and every upcoming attack on our Constitution.
    Fake news is poised to go into the cover up mode, if they lose their dump Trump agenda.
    Georgia must vote Republican or the next 4 years will be a replay of Argentina’s slide into the abyss.
    Help if you can.

  4. Don’t you mean IF she assumes the role of vice president, not ”when…?”

  5. Not to worry. Nuisance will appoint himself to fill Commie La Harris’ seat. It gets him out of the recall mess and insures that he can suck at the public teat (or some other appendage) for another couple of years and then as an “incumbent” reelection for another six years.

    • Good points about Newsom appointing himself – no chance as a second term governor and no chance to win the senate spot later as an open election. Plus then he gets to dance on his ex-wife’s political grave.

      Though I would rather see Willie Brown give Harris fits while she has to sit silently on the breaking tie votes from dais, why he comports himself on the floor of the Senate..

      California Teachers Association runs the show in California – who will they pick? Protecting the teachers unions while actually harming K-12 students is what they do best. Who best represents continuation of the same?

  6. Appoint Dan Walters or Willie Brown.

  7. I would suggest that the selection be made in accordance with Exodus 18:21 where Jethro, Moses father-in-law advices Moses;
    Exodus 18:21 “But select capable men from all the people—men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain—and appoint them as officials over thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens.”
    Yet, we understand that the selection will be based on monetary gain and nothing else.
    Current seated politicians know nothing about selecting the Citizens representative.
    So, I hold out little hope for someone with integrity and honor. Most likely just another greedy money grubbing morally corrupt politician selected from the cesspool of candidates..

  8. You mean when she’s in jail???

  9. I heard that the “Slept your way to the top” community is demanding that a sleazy member of their community be appointed.

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