Progressives Have Ruined California

The very idea of a recall vote seemed absurd at first in California, this bluest of US states. Yet Californians’ surprisingly strong support for the removal of Democratic governor Gavin Newsom has resulted in precisely that, with the vote scheduled for 14 September. This reflects a stunning rejection of modern progressivism in a state thought to epitomise its promise.

Some, like the University of California’s Laura Tyson and former Newsom adviser Lenny Mendonca, may see California as creating ‘the way forward’ for a more enlightened ‘market capitalism’, but that reality is hard to see on the ground. Even before the pandemic, California already had the highest poverty rate and the widest gap between middle and upper-middle income earners of any state in the US. It now suffers from the second-highest unemployment rate in the US after Nevada.

Today, class drives Californian politics, and Newsom is peculiarly ill-suited to deal with it. He is financed by what the Los Angeles Times describes as ‘a coterie of San Francisco’s wealthiest families’. Newsom’s backers have aided his business ventures and helped him live in luxury – first in his native Marin, where he just sold his estate for over $6million, and now in Sacramento.

California’s well-connected rich are predictably rallying to Newsom’s side. At least 19 billionaires, mainly from the tech sector, have contributed to his extraordinarily well-funded recall campaign, which is outspending the opposition by roughly nine to one.

There is little hiding the elitism that Newsom epitomises. In the midst of a severe lockdown, he was caught violating his own pandemic orders at the ultra-expensive, ultra-chic French Laundry restaurant in Napa.

Newsom insists California is ‘doing pretty damn well’, citing record profits in Silicon Valley from both the major tech firms and a host of IPOs. He seems to be unaware that California’s middle- and working-class incomes have been heading downwards for a decade, while only the top five percent of taxpayers have done well. As one progressive Democratic activist put it in Salon, the recall reflects a rebellion against ‘corporate-friendly elitism and tone-deaf egotism at the top of the California Democratic Party’.

Much of this can be traced back to regulatory policies tied to climate change (along with high taxes). These policies have driven out major companies – in energy, home construction, manufacturing and civil engineering – that traditionally employed middle-skilled workers. Instead, job growth has been concentrated in generally low-pay sectors, like hospitality. Over the past decade, 80 percent of Californian jobs, notes one academic, have paid under the median wage. Half of these paid less than $40,000. …

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  1. The State has been very proud to have 5% of its taxpayers, represented by those few wealthy, contributing 70% of the monies to the State’s General Fund.

    The other 95% of uninformed and poorly informed voters living in energy poverty pay, every day, for the foolish actions and evil inactions, of the unrealistic California politicians who were empowered by election outcomes.

  2. Alvin Holliman says

    Amen, amen, amen. The nine to one outspending by the hypocritical elitist Dems will, unfortunately, result in slanderous horrific assaults on Larry Elder. These have already started with the LA Times unbelievably calling him a white supremist. Hmm, just like JugHead Joe who said if you don’t vote for me you aint black. Hopefully, enough California Democrats can see through this race baiting crap, use their minds, and not continue to be minions of San Francisco disconnected elitists,

  3. SHAME on ALL who have destroyed our lives, our once beautiful livable State, and may they rot/burn in hell for their selfish greed!

  4. Native Californian and Newsom does not have a SNOW BALLS CHANCE IN HELL of surviving the recall…Newsom has the Teachers union but we have THE PARENTS…All of the Newsom Bullshit and double standards are OVER NEWSOM….PIG PELOSI CAN’T SAVE YOUR ASS WITH VOTER FRAUD BECAUSE BOTH CAN PLAY THOSE CARDS….Republicans are about to TAKE OVER California….

  5. Upton Sinclair once wrote, ” It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” Why do you think California has a bloated state payroll ?

  6. Being elected to office means control, this includes control of the taxpayers money (taxes). In order to make it look better the politicians rely on their friends to whom they bestow this largesse upon to kindly not forget where it came from. When is the last time you saw a politician retire or be voted out, standing in line at the unemployment office? Anyone????

  7. Does anyone think for a moment that the Democrats give a darn about the State?

    It is about Socialist/Communist centralized control. The more they cripple the State and force more people to beg for welfare handouts the more they control the votes.

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