Progressives Now Complaining About Gas Prices

Gas TaxOnly in California. Progressive policies in California have forced drivers to pay some of the highest gas prices in the nation. Now, a group of liberal legislators want the California attorney general to investigate why this is true.

Let’s recap what the progressives have inflicted on working Californians who are simply trying to get to work and get their kids to school and soccer practice. According to the California Center for Jobs and the Economy, gas prices dropped slightly in December but declined faster in other states. In the United States other than California, the average gas price was $2.26 per gallon. In California, it was $3.40, a premium above the national average of $1.144, a 50.6 percent difference.

California had the second-highest gasoline price among the states behind only Hawaii. Californians paid $1.48 per gallon more than consumers in Missouri, the state with the lowest price. That’s 77 percent more for the same tank of gasoline.

The Center also noted that “California’s fuel regulations and the isolated market created by those regulations continue to push the state’s cost premium up higher — a cost-of-living factor that in particular falls on lower-wage workers as they are forced to commute longer distances in order to find housing they can afford.” Those regulations include California’s unique cap-and-trade law and low-carbon fuel standards, rendering the production of gasoline an expensive and risky enterprise.

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  1. Oh, boo hoo. You can reap what you sow.

  2. Hey! These morons voted to keep higher prices with Prop 6 and not only that they voted on six other propositions that would increase their taxes. Only a moron and only in California!
    God help us but there are some stupid people in the state legislature.
    And, don’t forget all the other voters out there that are ill educated (thank you school system), that are immoral (thank you legislators), without integrity (thank you Democrat Party), and just plain dumb (Parents ?)!
    Sorry, just calling it the way I see it.

  3. Bogiewheel says

    California’s relentless pursuit to create a sows ear from a silk purse.

  4. Proof of the idiocracy that passes for “leadership” in California governance…
    Time to clean house and begin recall procedures against these idiotas…

  5. And the fools don’t even mention the 70+ cents INCREASE that is coming next year with stupid Moonbeams/Nicholls/CARB cap/n/trade fiasco. Oh yes, we are going to lower the temp of the Earth .03C by making us all poor. But China and India don’t have to do anything!
    Way to go Jerry, Ponce deLeon/Harris, Pelosi, Becerra ad nauseum!

  6. This lies squarely on the voters themselves. The tax and spenders in Sacramento along with their partners in crime the SEIU, Teachers Union and all the various Socialist fronts that bought the California law makers with your tax dollars have paralized common sense in that State (my former State).

  7. So confusing. I thought California’s goal was the total elimination of
    fossil fuels.

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