Prop. 13 School Bond Isn’t Really for the Kids

In the arguments and advertising in support of Proposition 13 on the March 3 ballot, the proponents are trying to convince the voters it is all “for the kids.” As with previous education ballot measures in California, a parade of disasters is predicted unless the proposal in question is approved.

True to form, the opening argument set forth in the official voter information guide intones ominously, “Despite research showing students learn better in classrooms which are modern and safe, too many school buildings are dilapidated, unsafe, and unhealthy. Thousands remain at risk of wildfires or earthquakes. Others are contaminated with lead, mold, asbestos, and other hazardous materials.”


The first question taxpayers should ask is if things are this bad, where has all the previously voter-approved bond money gone? Let’s review some recent school bond measures already authorized by voters: Prop. 1A in 1998 ($9.2 billion); Prop. 47 in 2002 ($13.05 billion); Prop. 55 in 2004 ($12.3 billion); Prop. 1D in 2006 ($10.4 billion); and Prop. 51 in 2016 ($9 billion). In addition to tens of billions of dollars in new debt, there’s a nearly equal amount owed in interest costs.

And the lottery? It was sold to voters as a big step toward fully funding education. And what about Proposition 98 (1988), which mandates that at least 40% of the state’s general fund be spent on education? There is no excuse for even one classroom anywhere in the state of California still having unsafe conditions. Taxpayers and parents should demand to know which school buildings are unsafe.

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  1. Once again the Progressive Democrat liars ply their skills on the voting public.
    The slight of hand, the smoke and mirrors cannot mask the incompetence of this current California government. From the Governor down the progressive Democrat Left are lying to you about this proposition.

    Are you, the voters, going to do what you did in the last election cycle?
    Approving seven, yes you approved seven, tax increases that were on the ballot.
    Sorry, but that pretty much makes you a moron for supporting a government that has shown its incompetence in managing your tax revenues that make up the state budget.

    Grow up voters, know what your are putting your name to. Either vote for the good of the Citizen and State, or cast your ballot before the swine who will waste it because they will know they can come to you for more money to waste!

    God, help us, but California I fear is lost!

  2. Once again an article with a link to a paper that wants you to subscribe to read it. Either print the whole article or don’t copy it from a paper that won’t let you read it.

    • DITTO! I went to other links on the same article only to be re-directed to the Orange County Register where you have to be a PAID subscriber to read their newspaper online. Come on, John. Post it up somewhere else where we don’t need to pay to purchase from the source, and, that includes the LA Times!

    • I agree

  3. Kalifornia bond issues? I haven’t voted YES on one since the week of the Titanic sinking!

  4. The California voter must now understand that torpidity at the ballot
    box has contributed to eradicating democracy from this State and has
    now been replaced with a complacent collective Oligarchy.

    What we are now being sold by this group is a “magical Rock Candy Mountain,
    the place where the soda water flows, with lemonade springs, bluebirds sing,
    hens lay soft-boiled eggs, where there ain’t no snow, where the sleet don’t fall
    and the wind doesn’t blow.”

  5. TheRandyGuy says

    As usual, the voters have all the power. You are living in a cave if you haven’t heard about the pension debacle currently unfolding. Go to the Sac Bee and on their site is a tool where you can see the average teacher salary, the superintendent’s salary, and average administrator salary for every school district in the state. We pay enough for education, for fire and police, and to politicians. If you don’t vote “NO”, you are the problem, not the teachers, the unions, or the politicians.

  6. Have never voted to increase debt as have always deemed the proponents of such as corrupt parasites. Too bad we get saddled with the odious debt anyway. Makes me believe that voter fraud with bonds is a real issue that should be undertaken by those who know how.

  7. Our own local school district had a bond measure approved then one of the first things that some of the money was spend on was the elementary school cafeterias ordering GOURMET PIZZAS from one of the local gourmet pizza restaurants. Even though it was only once a week, the cost was staggering. The restaurant LOVED the business mainly because real gourmet pizza at one of the establishments was out of reach financially for most working people.
    So I guess you COULD technically say it was for the kids feeding them like kings and queens once a week, and not using the cafeteria personnel to put together a good wholesome meal.
    Seems like a total waste of money to me, I wish I received that kind of treatment when I was in elementary school!
    Another snafu that was uncovered was when the local high school superintendent retired, he received a marvelous ‘golden handshake’ for his retirement benefit and the new incoming superintendent was hired with a HUGE increase in pay, quietly approved by the school board without the taxpayers finding out about it until long after the deal was made. So how can anyone say that was for the kids?
    And they got away with it too, because taxpayers are stupid and will pretty much approve of anything if it’s packaged right.

  8. Quebec’s provincial legislature just abolished its school districts; England did the same a long time ago; California needs to do the same, beginning with those that are demonstrably financially incompetent, falling into bankruptcy (I’m thinking of you, Los Angeles Unified). The bankruptcy court should turn over the remaining property to the municipalities wherein the properties are to be found; then such municipalities will have the chance to start their education systems over again, and will be wise to band together to establish competent educational ministries like that in Singapore, to be governed by a state that is constitutionally bound to play a far less intrusive role in K-12 education than does Sacramento — Switzerland is a good model for this. And all of this renewed educational governance should take place in a nation that, like Canada, constitutionally removes the federal government from primary & secondary education, which is consistent with the Tenth Amendment to our Constitution, the spirit of which our federal government has long been violating.

  9. If Gavin Newsom wants more money just cut California government back 50% which should be very easy to do because we have duplicate bureaucracies agencies doing the same thing.

  10. I and my friends and neighbors have ALL voted NO on Prop 13, This is just more money for PENSIONS. Gavin Newson and the SOCIALIST NAZI DEMOCRATES ARE AS CORRUPT AS THEY COME…

  11. If this passes, it’s over for property owners. Property taxes can rise to as much as 2.5% of property value.

    Your Casa worth 400k your taxes go from $4000.00 to $10,000.00. And no deferred payment plans.

    Wasn’t I helpful doing this difficult math for you……

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