Proposition 19 is Latest Assault on taxpayers

The assaults on California property owners and taxpayers never stop. And once again the California Legislature has advanced a massive tax increase at the last possible moment when they thought no one was paying attention.

Assembly Constitutional Amendment No. 11 (ACA11), approved by the California Legislature, takes away Proposition 13 protections that California families have under current law and replaces them with a billion-dollar tax increase. Voters will have an opportunity to reject this scheme come November, as ACA11 will appear on the ballot as Proposition 19.

After the historic passage of Proposition 13 in 1978, Californians finally had certainty about their future property tax liability because increases in the “taxable value” of property were limited to 2 percent per year. Property would be reassessed to market value only when it changed hands. To prevent families from getting hit with huge tax increases, voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 58 in 1986, changing the state constitution to ensure that transfers of certain property between parents and children could occur without triggering the sticker shock of reassessment.

Under Prop. 58, a home of any value and up to a million dollars of assessed value of other property may be transferred between parents and children without reassessment. Proposition 19 (2020) would repeal Proposition 58 (1986) and force the reassessment of inherited or transferred property within families. The only exception is if the property is used as the principal residence of the person to whom it was transferred, and even that exclusion is capped.

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  2. always vote against any tax increase or bond measure

  3. Rottweiler says

    Unfortunately the stupid, uninformed, progressive voters will vote it in. Just look at all of the trouble others put forth to get the repeal the gas tax on last November’s ballot and then they vote No. They couldn’t even take the time to see that No meant yes and yes meant no. These idiots will vote on it because they will think it will help the children or schools or some other ridiculous measure. The only salvation from these illogical voters is to leave the state.

    • Sebra Leaves says

      Don’t call people stupid and make assumptions. Labels are meaningless. Many citizens will oppose the tax increases. Be friendly and helpful in explaining your reasons to oppose Proposition 19 or you may turn people against you for no reason.

    • Cycleman says

      Yes please don’t call these people stupid, it should be dumb F—ks.

  4. Joan Brophy says

    Screw Newsom

  5. to see how to follow Joan and Fox’s suggestions. BEWARE: the ‘trick’ used by Baccara is to change the wording right before the ballots are mailed. Do your homework to learn what is behind the specific ballot to know how to have your vote yes/no actually be the desired outcome.

  6. Democraps that vote top have prop 13 overturned deserve to have their HEADS BLOWN OFF…vote for the increase dumb ASSESS AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS…

  7. The people that vote things like this into law are too stupid to realize that they’re the ones that will be paying for it for the rest of their lives.The Legislature is never going to have enough money. All Legislators should have someone sitting on their shoulders 24 hours a day in order to rap their knuckles when they see them doing something wrong. On second thought in order to lessen the knuckle rapping it may save a lot of rapping if their knuckles get rapped only when they do something right.

  8. Victoria Simmons says

    There is no end to the corruption and lengths that the California Governor and legislature will go to rape the economy of the taxpaying citizens of CA.

  9. Ann flynn says

    I actually agree with removing the transfer of property from parents to children with no re-assessment. The rest – not at all. The spending is so poorly managed that the government deserves no more tax funds — until they fix the pension mess and address the high salaries of many in ‘public office” who are paid more than private sector jobs with significant pensions. And no contribution to healthcare.

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