Michelle Obama: We Understand Americans Better than Romney Does

In Charlotte Tuesday night, Michelle Obama made a case that she and her husband care more about Americans because they were raised by regular families that cared about regular people. Yet, in four years the Obama’s have never visited Detroit’s mean streets (or any other inner city) where children face a bleak future of poor schools and poor job prospects because families have imploded after decades of anti-family, Democratic welfare policies.

Photo courtesy WisPolitics.com, flickr

Instead of applying fundamental family principles to America’s needy, the Obamas have prominently devoted their time in the White House to the government elite’s obsession with expensive organic foods and alternative green energy.

Contrary to the Democratic Convention fable, Michelle has jet-setted around the world to lavish hotels, lectured us to adopt expensive organic diets (at a time when many families are struggling to make ends meet on a Wal-Mart budget), and pranced about in $500 designer sneakers. Her husband, meanwhile, has worn a path to Malibu where he talks trendy Green politics with his rich Hollywood friends while shelling out $7,500 tax breaks to Leo DiCaprio to buy $100,000, government-subsidized Fisker Karma luxury sports cars.

This is America’s couple next door?

The Obamas are part of America’s new ruling government elites — the nomenklatura to use the delicious term coined by Soviet dissident Michael Voslenski — that makes society’s rules while never having had the private sector experience of making anything. They occupy a sphere very different from the entrepreneurial culture of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Their’s is a culture of self-reliance and business success that — in my experience — is intimately in touch with America because they hire and work with America’s working class. If Obama knew business, he would not allow the thousands of blue-collar layoffs occurring in coal country today due to his EPA nomenklatura’s War on Coal.

The now-famous story of Romney mobilizing his Bain workforce to rescue a colleague’s lost daughter is touching — but also a commentary on the entrepreneur’s passion for his fellow employees. It is an instinct quite different from the distant corporate cultures of GE and GM where Barack Obama has found his business cronies.

Ultimately, it is entrepreneurs — not the nomenklatura — who are most passionate about America’s needy. Just look at Detroit.

The people most passionate about Detroit’s comeback are wealthy entrepreneurs like Karmanos, Gilbert, Penske, Ilitch. Where elites believe that government should take their wealth so that the nomenklatura can redistribute it to organic farms and Leo DiCaprio — cities like Detroit crave job creators because they create charitable foundations and build businesses.

It is no accident that businessman Governor Rick Snyder is a much more visible advocate for Detroit success than was Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm. For Snyder, Detroit needs business to succeed — whereas Granholm needed Detroit government unions to succeed to keep her in power.

Michelle and Barack Obama talk of being normal. But in four years, they haven’t walked among the Detroiters who yearn for a normal, middle-class life if only Detroit’s nomenklatura (unions, city councilmen, environmental regulators) would get out of the way and give them — not organic food and electric cars — but safe streets and economic opportunity.

(Henry Payne is editor of The Michigan View. Originally posted on The Michigan View.)