Rights In Conflict: Individual Liberties vs. The Public Good In A Time Of A Pandemic

The conflict between the civil liberties of individuals and the collective public good could not be more clearly defined than it is now on the issues of vaccinations and masks as we battle a deadly pandemic. While I consider myself a defender of civil liberties, in the current dichotomy I come down strongly on the side of the collective good.

To arrive at this position I had to reach an accommodation with two points raised by civil libertarians.

1. The vaccines are not fully approved, thus under rules established after WW II to preclude future atrocities such as those perpetrated by the Nazis, people cannot be required to take experimental drugs.

2. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) protects individual privacy in medical matters so people cannot be asked if they are vaccinated or required to show proof of vaccination.

To the first I say this is not Nazi Germany and the circumstance are far different than the Nazi medical experimentations of the early 1940s. While the vaccines have not yet been fully approved, evidence is clear that they are effective in quelling the spread of the pandemic and promoting the general welfare.

To the second I say HIPPA is intended to provide protection for personal health information and gives individuals an array of rights with respect to that information. It was not intended to shield disease-carrying individuals from their responsibility to the greater community or to prohibit society from protecting itself.

The notion of setting aside certain civil liberties when rights are in conflict is widely recognized and accepted both legally and morally.

A. Your right to free speech does not give you the right to yell “fire” in a crowded theater.

B. Your right to throw a punch ends just short of the tip of my nose.

There are people among us who assert their right to remain unvaccinated and roam about unmasked. They have demonstrated their commitment to resist appeals to reason and a better nature. They do so even in the face of a COVID surge that is raging almost exclusively among the unvaccinated. …

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  1. Larry obviously did not attend medical school, knows zero correct scientific information about this treatable virus and our extremely corrupt medical establishment controlling government agencies and monetized academia. He should check out AAPS at aapsonline.org for information from brilliant conservative physicians. As for the Nazis, IMO, Fauci is WORSE than Mengele!

  2. Philip Gallanders says

    Sadly, Mr. Levine’s appreciation of our God given freedoms, seems to end with his position that the ends do justify the means.

    He says that “this is not Nazi Germany” but ignores the fact that Germany was not always “Nazi”. The march of millions to the extermination camps began by targeting individual Jews, by suppressing their rights under the law, for the “Good of the State”.

    This column is in my opinion, mere propaganda. It is presented merely to serve as justification of the dead hand of the State, being imposed on the citizens of a once free nation and suppressing their individual rights.

    • Absolutely!! Seems like the author has succumbed to the slanted media/political control of the masses. Sad to see this happening.

  3. Research the 3 yr issue till blood clots take over ?
    There is a major push to conceal info from well trained Dr and leaders in there field to talk about the side effects and other honest ?
    Thru honest conversation the junk article will be outed for there wrongs
    So far all the issues that have been put out have been proven to be right
    When ever govt tells me its good for me I am running away as fast as I can
    At least you pointed out the truth You can be forced to take and records are private.
    Need to move all the cases thru court and stop the Junk requirments

  4. The total deaths in the U.S. for the last 5 years is 2.8 million per year. Where’s the pandemic? We’ve been played. Emergency use is when no other remedy is available…HCQ/Ivermectin anyone? Fauci in 2005 stated so. No “expert” said to wear a mask for over 100 years and suddenly mask work? I can go on and on but I’ll leave it here…what pandemic?

  5. You can “justify” infringing the individual liberties for the “public good” for just about anything at all. There must always be a balance which is carefully weighed, and the minimum infringement possible. The emergency orders at the outset of CoVid-19 were probably warranted, as they then said, to give the hospitals time to build their staff and to get PPE more widely available. The extension of these “emergency” orders for the next year and four months is purely and simply a power grab having nothing to do with the “public good.”

  6. Bob Andersen says

    There are three treatments for COVID-19 that work–Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and Budesonide. The government’s opposition to these is based on disputed science. We do not need a vaccine if there are treatments. Therefore, I do not think that a vaccine is needed at all. The government’s push to force everyone to be vaccinated is then based on a reason other than the common good. Mr. Levine misses one of the fundamental reasons why vaccines should not be forced. Notice his belief that anyone who is not vaccinated has a commitment to resist appeals to reason and a better nature. Perhaps he should address that assumption.

  7. We were played to see how you would mind the government before God. Every death marked covid relieved extra funding to help scare people. Read an article people lost family member to heart attacked months before covid, after the man created covid months into it, this family received a revised death certificate marked covid, giving extra bribe money sure gets desired results! 84,000 plus doctors worldwide suppressed from speaking the truth, explained and gave truthful information, were shut up by government. An article from.Moderna uts not a vaccine its Software for life, speaks volumes. All this on the heels of depopulation talks, should have been a red flag, people proved they will.brlieve anything, dumbed down as they are, making an experimental drug where many are permanently harmed or died ffom.vaccine, notice how other countries stop to investigate, our country does not. Notice we have no deaths from flu, pneumonia, heart attacks etc all are covid. Notice the flimsy mask BS, where anything qualities fir a mask, where this virus footprint is smaller than the pores in masks. All a sham as they sit back and laugh how easily the.people can be controlled, with it experimental is can be altered at any time, how about HIV, sterilization. Changes within your body? Government won this round took over churches showed they were never about God, the only smart ones said NO to the o called vaccine, look up the patent see who owns it, who developed it to harm the people. I know it takes reading, learn to read it may save your life!

  8. God’s Creation is Free says

    This writer is an idiot.

    • A somewhat useful one for his masters. Somewhat meaning anyone who reads or listens to his drivel and then takes it to heart, which i hope and assume is not many.

  9. There never was a so called pandemic, there have been more deaths from this experimental “vaccine”
    than from any other vaccine administered, which they then stopped giving after only a hand full of deaths, purely propaganda driven article.

  10. read his bio. Just another liberal political hack. And an old guy.

  11. Obviously Larry Levine does not grasp the foundation truth. We don’t trust the “vaccine” nor it’s proponents. Our money states the fact, “In God We Trust”. The government, not so much.

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