Roundup of Wasted Taxpayer Money


Anyone who’s ever managed a household knows that it’s not only how much money you make that matters. It’s also how much you spend.

California’s budget is vastly more complicated, and less transparent, than family finances. So it’s even more important for taxpayers to watch closely as elected officials spend our money.

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Foundation released its annual “Follow the Money” report on July 15, coinciding with this year’s postponed Tax Day. It’s a catalog of careless, excessive and wasteful spending, or, as some might have it, business as usual.

For example, the Department of Motor Vehicles had years to prepare for the launch of the national “Real ID,” but failed to do so. The agency was rewarded with an additional $242 million in new spending to try again.

State Auditor Elaine Howle found misuse of state resources in county fair funds, documenting $318,000 in misspent funds, including more than $30,000 for “excessive and unauthorized travel expenses,” lavish dinners and alcohol.

In another audit, Howle discovered that the California State University system hid $1.5 billion in an outside account to spend on operating costs, while raising tuition almost yearly and asking the Legislature for more funding. CSU has nearly doubled tuition from 2008 to 2018.

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  1. The “wasted” money didn’t vanish. The “gimme” class thriving at the expense of the “unwashed”.

  2. Now I have a better understanding why I spent 7 hrs in the hot CA DMV a month ago and nothing was resolved when I got inside. Totally inept and $$$ scammers.

  3. California is a communist run third world state. It cannot be otherwise.

  4. UpChuck.Liberals says

    Trump get his ass handed to him if he sneezes, Nuisance gets his ass kissed for wasting money and destroying the Kommiforniastan economy and allowing the state to be destroyed by the treasonist BLM/ANTIFA garbage and those that support them and condone their actions.

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