Senate Constitutional Amendment 5 – Horrible for California Homeowners

Senate Constitutional Amendment 5 (SCA 5), is set for legislative hearing this Tuesday. It deserves a quick defeat. Advanced by Sen. Ben Allen, D-Los Angeles, and Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, SCA 5 would lower the current two-thirds vote requirement to pass local school district parcel taxes to 55% percent.

Here are the reasons SCA 5 is horrible for California homeowners.

First, SCA 5 is a direct attack on Proposition 13. Prop. 13 limits the base property tax, called the ad valorem tax, to one percent. To ensure that local governments didn’t heap additional taxes on homeowners, Prop. 13 requires a two-thirds vote for additional “special taxes” of which parcel taxes are a particularly insidious variety. SCA 5 specifically repeals that two-thirds constitutional protection currently in Article XIIIA of the California Constitution.

Second, lowering the two-thirds vote is unnecessary. With appropriate justification, the threshold can clearly be reached. According to the website California City Finance, a review of school district parcel taxes since 2012 showed that in November elections, 52 of 69, or 75% percent, were approved. Just last November, 11 out of 14 passed, an extraordinary success rate. Clearly, the two-thirds vote is not difficult to attain if a school district justifies its needs.

Third, lowering the two-thirds vote would open the door to a flood of new property tax levies.

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  1. Bogiewheel says

    Those pensions have to be continued, somehow……..Just wait and observe how this new three-card-monte will play within this cabal in

  2. Regardless of the tax revenue coming into the coffers of the state, our current legislative body is incapable of properly managing it. And, will once again adjust the budget to fit the new income. Continuing the vicious cycle of increasing the already unsustainable debt that this body of incompetents seem to ignore. L.A. and San Mateo are not good sources of wisdom about leading a state this size. Maybe if they asked the blue collar honest taxpaying Citizen they might gain enough common sense logic to govern the state. But, they are smarter, they know better and so we continue that spiral into collapse!

  3. Emanuelle Goldstein says

    It will pass and the blue state sheep in California won’t even let out a bleat. It’s for the children, you know.

  4. tomsquawk says

    this must stop. people must be voted out of office or recalled. .. this affects everyone’s pocketbook. now it’s beware of your local school district. look at some of them.

  5. California taxes can no longer be written off on your federal taxes. The folks with the high-value homes are in for a shock next year. Add additional property taxes on top of the ever-higher gas prices and the bad roads won’t matter anymore. Nobody will be on them.

  6. Mr. Pickle says

    Allen is for socialist governance. He is a typical LA based extreme liberal, and now this stupid bill………. Perhaps more money would go to schools IF the schools were NOT at the bottom of this list compared to other states. And I am tired of having 10+ interpreters in schools due to all the non English speaking pupils at huge costs to the taxpayers… This bill sucks!.

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