Tax Hikes Are Back On The Agenda In Sacramento

With 1 million signatures in and several potential challengers, the recall drive against Gov. Gavin Newsom may be causing him to reconsider some of his more progressive policy positions. In his recently unveiled $4.5-billion stimulus program, he offered — get this — tax relief, not tax hikes.

The so-called “Equitable Recovery for California Businesses and Jobs” plan includes $575 million for small business grants, $777.5 million in tax credits to businesses that hire or retain employees, some sales-tax exemptions and $600 checks to low-income Californians.

Of course, it also contains the usual slop like $1.5 billion in subsidies to buy electric vehicles but, nonetheless, we take victories where we can get them in Taxifornia.

Newsom’s September pledge to oppose new taxes was fairly explicit: “In a global, mobile economy, now is not the time for the kind of state tax increases on income we saw proposed at the end of this legislative session and I will not sign such proposals into law.” The irony is not lost on us that the governor said this while also endorsing Prop. 15, the failed $12 billion tax hike — and latest attempt at gutting Proposition 13 — on the November ballot. But his remarks did provide a bit of assurance to the state’s job creators.

On the other hand, there is no such hesitancy to push tax increases in the California Legislature. Proposing a “tax increase du jour” is in the DNA of Democratic legislators. Here are just a few of the bills causing anxiety among those Californians who want to keep at least some of the money they earn.

Assembly Bill 65 by Assemblyman Evan Low would create a California Universal Basic Income. It is like AB2712 presented last legislative session, which proposed to raise the necessary money either through a value-added tax, raising corporate taxes or implementing a tax on services.

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  1. Stan Sexton says

    Got to get more funding for CALPERS. Can’t cut Curtis Ishii’s pension of $418,600+ a year. And those 2% annual COL adjustments.

  2. Kathy Farmer says

    Would like to be able to read the whole article but am NOT going to sign up for anything in order to read it .

    • Using Firefox from a laptop I click the “reader view” icon and am able to read the whole article. The F9 key will also take you to “reader view”.

  3. Did you think the tax monger of the Communist Controlled Democrat Party would change.

    Remember they believe any money over and above what is necessary to get 2 square meals, and a tenement roof over your head is not the property of the owners or companies.

    This is why dictatorships thrive on stolen money. The poor think the only way out of poverty is stealing it (taxes and regulations).

    Remember when the state was spiraling down with lost tax revenue Slick Newsom gave $2 Billion for trains he said were stupid, and $6 Billion for bike paths so you will not drive to get groceries or go to work.

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