Texas Sues California Over Law Banning State-Sponsored Travel

Texas filed a lawsuit Monday in the U.S. Supreme Court over a California law that prohibits official travel to statesthat California deems discriminatory against LGBTQ people, throwing into question whether the ban affecting 11 states can remain.

California lawmakers passed the travel ban in 2016 after North Carolina enacted a law that required people to use gender-specific bathrooms according to their sex at birth. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra added Texas to the list of prohibited travel states in 2017 after it passed a law allowing child welfare providers to refuse to carry out services that violate their religious beliefs. Becerra’s office at the time said the law allows discrimination against LGBTQ children and foster or adoptive parents.

The California ban punishes the state for allowing faith-based foster care and adoption agencies to uphold their religious beliefs, said Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in the lawsuit. He said the ban amounts to “economic sanctions” against Texas because it deprives the state of tax revenue from hotels and other businesses that would have made money from travel by Californians.

Paxton is asking the Supreme Court to overturn California’s travel ban because it is “infected with animus towards religion,” violates federal laws on interstate commerce and discriminates against Texas business owners.

Paxton, a Republican, pointed to the Supreme Court’s 2018 decision in favor of a Colorado baker who refused to provide a cake for a same-sex couple as grounds for the lawsuit. The Texas attorney general has frequently championed religious liberty, refusing to defend a state agency that punished a judge who wouldn’t perform same sex marriages and suing over a federal regulation prohibiting discrimination against transgender patients. …

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  1. Santa Barbara says

    Let’s hope 1) Texas prevails, 2) anarchists AG Becerra, Gov Newsom, Sen Harris are not RE-elected.

  2. Before this LGBTQ abomination got a foot hold, I did not give too much thought to homosexuals. As long as they left me alone it was OK. Today with garbage like this and there literal push to pervert our children and our entire society, I find them to be most deplorable. I long for the day that our country gets fed up with them and drives them back under their rocks. Will it actually happen? Time will only tell but should that be the case, they have brought it upon themselves.

  3. CA_death_spiral says

    As a california resident, I support pretty much any lawsuit against the banana republic government masquerading as the california state legislature and executive branch.

  4. Californians are voting with the feet and their UHaul trucks. No more Radical alt-leftist liberal, progressive socialist fascist democrat politicians.

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