The Citizen Army That Will Recall Gavin Newsom

Even in deep blue California, it is possible to achieve the impossible. The technology to facilitate mass uprisings is mature and ubiquitous, and will function with or without the complicity of the social media and search monopolies. The political realignment we are witnessing in California is not partisan, it is not conservative or liberal, right or left, or Republican or Democrat. It is comprised of old and young, rich and poor, black and white and everyone else. This is a mass uprising. California’s pandemic shutdown isn’t just pushing the economy to the brink, it’s taken away whatever remained of the trust that Californians had in their elected officials.

This mistrust is finding expression in a growing movement to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom. Already, tens of thousands of California voters have signed up as volunteers to sign and circulate recall petitions. That number is growing every week. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Agenda are aligning. Alliances are forming. Gavin Newsom’s actions have created a unity that transcends political ideology and defies conventional labels. This is exemplified in the Open California movement.

The Open California movement isn’t found on just one website or Facebook group, and its members are as diverse as California’s electorate. What appears to be the largest group on Facebook is “Reopen California, established on April 11 and already attracting over 170,000 members. And along with large membership, there is high intensity, as exemplified in the Freedom Rally that took place on the steps of Los Angeles City Hall on May 24. Along with Reopen California, which appears to be the biggest Facebook group, there is “Reopen California…NOW!” (7,168 members), “FULLY REOPEN CA NOW MOVEMENT,” (6,350 members), “Re-Open California #EndTheLockdown” (5,124 members), and dozens more groups, many with thousands of members, even more with hundreds of members.

This just scratches the surface of the resistance that’s formed. There’s “Californians Against Excessive Quarantine” (13,460 members), “Leaving California” (10,500 members), and partisan groups such as “Flip it Red California” (31,484 members) and “Make California RED Again!” (21,895 members). There are thousands of smaller groups. All of these have seen their membership surge in the past few weeks. This is evidence that hundreds of thousands of Californians, if not millions, have been mobilized in resistance to the lockdown, and nearly all of them want to recall Gavin Newsom.

How many of these activists will sign a recall petition, or circulate one? And then there is the recall movement itself, including two groups, already working together, “Recall Gavin Newsom” (42,673 members), and “Recall Gavin 2020,” which has “only” 7,567 members, but is linked to 58 satellite Facebook groups, one for each California county, comprising over 25,000 total members.

And where else can be found natural allies of a grassroots recall movement in California?

California’s Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association has over 200,000 members. Every one of them knows that Gavin Newsom is the leader of a government that has imposed the highest taxes in America onto Californians. Every one of them knows that if Gavin Newsom has his way, taxes are going to keep going up. How many of them will vote for a recall?

Then there are California’s dozens of local tax fighting organizations from San Diego to Eureka, there are California’s Tea Party chapters, 2nd Amendment supporters, people who resist over-vaccinating their children, preppers, three-percenters, constitutional oath keepers, and State of Jefferson rebels. These groups add additional tens of thousands of members who want to recall Governor Newsom.

But we’re just getting started.

The resistance in California is a mass movement, with broad populist appeal. Gavin Newsom hasn’t done anything to control the takeover of our public education system by fanatics. They have made it almost impossible to discipline students who are disruptive or even violent, turning many California schools into war zones where learning is impossible. These same fanatics have turned basic sex education into extremist “gender” indoctrination. Millions of parents are enraged by this, and now they can send a message by recalling Gavin Newsom.

When you add it all up, it’s more than a movement, it’s an army, and recruits are everywhere.

What about California’s 2.0 million independent contractors whose jobs were threatened the day Gavin Newsom signed AB 5? How many hundreds of thousands of them lost their jobs, or now have to worry about their jobs?

What about the nearly 3.7 million Californians who have already filed for unemployment benefits in just the last two months, because Gavin Newsom chose to quarantine the healthy, instead of just protecting the vulnerable? What about California’s now 4.6 million unemployed, more than 25 percent of the workforce?

What about the Christian evangelical communities in California, with millions of voters, who are all appalled at what Newsom has done? And of course, what about the 4.5 million Californians who voted for Trump in 2016, who are politically disenfranchised and determined to do something?

Gavin Newsom’s problems have just begun. California’s state and local governments faced unprecedented financial hardship before the pandemic shutdown. Only a light breeze was necessary to disrupt their finances, and what’s happening today is a hurricane. And even after the economic weather stabilizes, the state government’s financial house of cards will remain scattered. Newsom squandered his time in office, fixing nothing, only making problems worse. And his attitude, which consistently favored cronies and non-citizens over normal hard working Californians, is his undoing.

Despite rhetoric to the contrary, Gavin Newsom never cared about normal Californians who want affordable housing. Instead of deregulating so developers can build affordable housing again, he’s spending billions on “affordable housing” that costs taxpayers over a half-million per unit.

Gavin Newsom also doesn’t care about people who want safe streets. Instead of helping the homeless by getting them off the street and into treatment centers in places where they are affordable, he’s building shelters on some of the most expensive real estate on earth, and actually providing them drugs and alcohol.

And Gavin Newsom has locked Californians in their homes at the same time as he’s eliminated bail and released thousands of prisoners. Along with millions of civilians, expect plenty of members of law enforcement to support a recall of this governor.

Realignment is coming to California. Gavin Newsom has provided the spark that lit the fire, illuminating decades of mismanagement and abuse by the one party state.

This article originally appeared on the website American Greatness.


  1. Dntgiveup says

    You can count me in for Newsoms recall this guy is unworthy to clean toilet bowls.

  2. You have his name ALL wrong. It is “Supreme Commander Pretty Boy Newsom. “

  3. I always Newsom thing was wrong about this guy! Recall! Recall! Recall! NOW!

  4. Patsy Murdock says

    Recall Newsom, pelosi, shimmer, waters and the rest.

  5. Tanstaafl says

    The large number of voters the author ignored are the millions of California gun owners and gun ownership families. If they haven’t totally foresaken the Calif political process and can be energized that is a massive vote. Time for the ReCall folks to reach out to gun owners.

  6. Daniel Wright says

    Gavin Nuisance isn’t the only problem. The Senate and assembly pass most of the leftist bills the Commie in chief signs into law. There must be a political shift to at least the center for sanity to be restored to Sacramento. We now live in what is essentially the “peoples republic of California”. This cannot stand!!!!!!

    • Correct, Daniel.
      Not only do we need to get rid of Gabby (I’ll bang your wife, like it or not!) Newsolini, but the entire rotten, corrupt demokrat/communists adminFEStation as well.


    • I want to participate in this recall effort as well as campaigning against Pelosi, Waters, Schiff and anyone else destroying this country for the new world order. This is America and America it needs to stay with our current Constitution not The New Constitution they keep trying to push on us… count me in as I am an American Patriot!!!

  7. Barbers can’t reopen, but Nuisance has a nice head of hair that looks well tended.

  8. Carolyn Lagos says

    It time to detach ourselves from the Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom family, or very soon our whole state will be bankrupt and overrun by drug addicts, ex felons and the homeless.

  9. teri carlton says

    Newsom, Garcetti, Pelosi, Waters, Schiff et al. form an unholy alliance of criminality, nepotism, sadism and porn. they suck and must be REMOVED.

  10. Gavin Newsom and DEMOCRAPS suck…Ignorant people who want to RULE LIKE NAZI DICTATORS…Pelosi, Mike Levin is a pussy//Obama and Biden should both be hanged…Arm yourself people, lots of other Californians are doing the same thing…WE WILL NOT LIVE UNDER TYRANY YOU DUMB ASS DEMOCRAPS… NOT GOING TO HAPPEN

  11. This effort will all be for nothing if we can’t find a strong candidate to replace him. The CA GOP is a bunch of useless RINO’s and give no support to good Conservative candidates for any of the state offices.

  12. Druggie Newsom is know by some crowds to love his cocaine. A fellow told my husband that they almost lost their son to drug abuse and his druggie friend was Gavin Newsom. My husband emailed the media and they have not touched the story. Take note of his red eyes on the news.

  13. Recalling Newsom is not only good for Californians, but would also make the likelihood of him furthering his political career towards Presidential candidate some day in the future less likely. And that would be good for ALL Americans. I plan to volunteer/donate to this cause and so should all concerned citizens. It will take volunteer work and/or at least financial contributions to get this done, so find a way to help.

  14. I pray for my friends and family still living in the People’s Demokratik Republik of Kailforniastan.

    We voted with our feet, and did our CALEXIT three years ago.

  15. Rottweiler says

    He did so well in San Francisco, why are these people complaining? The progressives get what the progressives want. He will ruin this State just like he did the last he governed. Don’t you think the stupid should be getting what the stupid want? They want illegal aliens, dense building where you are living on top of each other but there is retail on the bottom, worst education system complete with common core in the nation, crappy Obamacare which wiped out our great health care, raised taxes, raised taxes, tried to sneak SB50 in, and so much more and don’t forget gun control in one of the most gun controlled states on the planet. They got what they wanted. We, the enlightened need to go elsewhere, where like minded people survive the idiots like this guy.

  16. Suzanne Balke says

    I am all for the undoing of Gavin Newsoms Governorship. He does not listen to the people in his state. He dies what he wants and what will help in the future

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