The Gas Tax Bait-and-Switch

Cassandra of Greek mythology was blessed with the gift of prophecy and doomed by the curse that no one would ever believe her.

Conservatives in California know just how she felt.

California’s modern day Cassandras have repeatedly warned about the misuse and diversion of public funds for roads and highways. In no other area have California voters been lied to more frequently and more brazenly than with transportation spending.

Nearly 30 years ago, voters were told that California’s roads, freeways and bridges were crumbling and that spending on transportation was so seriously inadequate that a gas tax increase and other taxes were desperately needed to save California from ruin.

Based on the promises from special interests — in a very well-funded political campaign — in 1990 voters approved in Proposition 111, a 9-cents-a-gallon tax increase combined with a 55 percent increase in truck weight fees.

Demonstrating that not much has changed in three decades, promoters of Prop. 111 trotted out long lists of projects that would be completed with the billions of dollars in new revenue. Advertising focused on the benefits of Proposition 111, without ever mentioning taxes.

Sound familiar?

Fast forward to 2017 with the infamous passage of Senate Bill 1, a massive tax increase of another 12 cents per gallon on gasoline, an additional 20 cents per gallon on diesel fuel and a sharp increase in the cost of vehicle registration. …

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  1. “some things never change, they stay the way they are ha ha ha ha ha ha”. so are we going to show the anti prop 6 ads when we go to remove Gavin Useless? Prop 666?

  2. yep , same ol’ BS . No one should be surprised. I guess one could say that the people who supposedly voted for more taxes were insane. Why ? Because repeating the same action and expecting a different result is the very definition . Right ?
    Myself , I have a suspicion that the increased tax initiatives won the vote the same way that Gavin Newscum was elected, by a rigged vote. IMHO.
    From the sword of ————-

  3. Bogiewheel says

    With the PG&E hassle, the cabal in Sacramento wants to rid the State of cars but is going to rely on electricity to generate future tax flow…….More
    creative liberal planning.

  4. Once again one lie after another and we are in the same boat, bad roads. It will never be solved as long as voters believe the lying party in charge, the Democrats. Keep believing the lies and voting for the piers.

  5. Definition of insanity – keep doing the same thing but believe it will end differently. California voters are insane. California public employee unions keep them that way – duplicitous marketing masters. Teachers unions CTA worst of all in this state. That is how they keep winning – voters fear the teachers will take it out on their kids.

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