The many flaws of California’s motor voter program

On Aug. 9, the California Department of Finance finally released the long-awaited audit report on the Department of Motor Vehicles’ implementation of the California New Motor Voter Program.

Some lawmakers had called for the audit to be conducted by the state auditor, but that office is independent and does a very thorough job of rooting out waste, fraud and abuse, so the DMV audit was assigned to the Department of Finance.

The DOF issued a $417,000 contract to Ernst & Young to conduct an independent assessment. But the levers of political control are evident in sentences like these: “The scope of the fifth deliverable, the Validation Report, was limited to providing the results of data comparisons only and did not include an evaluation of the results. The scope did not include an explanation of these results or whether they were significant.”

Those of us who are not bound by the limitations of the contract’s scope can turn to Appendix D of the Business Process Assessment report, titled “Voter Registration Criteria.”

“Below is a table describing the current validation of registration data obtained via the California New Motor Voter program against the California Voter Registration Eligibility Requirements,” the auditors wrote. …

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