Top California high-speed rail executive under investigation in ethics probe

A top consultant for California’s controversial high-speed rail project is under investigation after he modified a multi-million dollar contract that involved a company in which he may have held more than $100,000 in stock.

At the request of California state Assemblyman Jim Patterson, a Republican and major critic of the bullet train project, the Fair Political Practices Commission launched an investigation last week into the deputy chief operating officer for the California High-Speed Rail Authority, Roy Hill.

Hill, who is also a senior executive at the lead consulting firm WSP, signed a $51-million change order for the construction team led by the Spanish firm Dragados. Hill, however, may have also owned more than $100,000 stock in Jacobs Engineering, which is part of the Dragados team, according to the Los Angeles Times.

WSP suspended Hill on Monday at the direction of the rail authority. Hill will remain suspended until the investigation is resolved.

“We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards,” Denise Turner Roth, chief development officer for WSP USA, said in a statement. “We take these allegations seriously, and will cooperate fully with the investigation. Mr. Hill has been temporarily suspended while this matter is reviewed.”

The investigation into Hill marks another setback for the controversial rail project, which California Gov. Gavin Newsom vowed to plow forward with earlier this year – albeit in a reduced capacity. …

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  1. The problem with California is that many more in California’s government, other than Gavin Newsom, are operating in a reduced capacity.

  2. askeptic says

    Just what CA needs (deserves?), another ethically challenged consultant/bureaucrat.

  3. Damocles says

    Huh , crooked contractors linked to the government of Commiefornia , who’ da thunk it . I’m curious , anyone can be labeled a consultant so I wonder if there has ever been crooked government officials who set up phony consultant contracts using some rube for a front man and then diverted large amounts of cash in the form of consultant fees to that company to defraud the American citizen .
    Just wondering
    From the sword of—

    • The Captive says

      Who me wonder?? LOL What a crock! I think diverting funds by the SCAMMERS in state government and those in DC is Old Hat! There is absolutely nothing fair and honest in the scum of CA State Govers!!!!
      We do need a song about CORRUPT CA. GOVERNMENT WITH a verse for the most evil and egregious sorts of corruption!

  4. It does not surprise me, the whole state legislation is CORRUPT. Yesterday a Senator stood up and said that he was ILLEGALS….Since when can an ILLEGAL MEXICAN hold a high office???? This is HOW FUCKED UP CALIFORNIA IS…There is a revolt coming and it is going to happen in this state…Locked and loaded here

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