What Gavin Newsom’s Inevitable Political Doom Means for Democrats

Just in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered 38 California counties moved to the “purple tier” of coronavirus prevention mandates. This means Californians are now subject to a curfew, wherein “non-essential work, movement, and gatherings must stop between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.”

Including all the major population centers in the state, this curfew comes on top of a reestablishment of a ban on eating indoors in restaurants, as well as a requirement that people wear masks whenever they leave their homes, and “limit mixing, practice physical distancing and wash their hands.” It also comes on the heels of Newsom’s recently updated “Mandatory Requirements for All Gatherings,” which specifies in preposterous detail exactly how families and friends may gather during the holidays.

The irony in all of these mandates coming from Newsom is that despite enraging millions of Californians who are not convinced they are at all necessary, the pandemic and Newsom’s aggressive response to it are providing political cover for Newsom among those other millions of Californians, more numerous, who believe lockdowns and curfews are necessary. Once this political cover goes away, that equation, favoring Newsom, is going to change. And the speed and ferocity of that change, when it happens, is going to surprise a lot of people.

Nowhere to Hide

When the pandemic is over, Newsom will have nowhere to hide. Newsom, along with the Democratic Party he represents, will preside over an economy battered beyond anything Californians have ever seen. Apart from the tech billionaires who have shamelessly profited as an entire population was driven into the virtual world, California’s economy will be a smoking ruin. The COVID-19 shutdown will expose the fragile foundations of California’s alleged prosperity, and blast it to smithereens.

Before COVID-19 came along, California had the highest rate of poverty and nearly the highest income inequality in America. It had the highest cost-of-living and some of the highest taxes. It had crumbling infrastructurefailing schoolsdevastating wildfires caused by negligence, avoidable shortages of water and electricity, a housing industrydestroyed by overregulation, and an explosion of the homeless—people who could be helped if it weren’t for the toxic progressive combination of misguided compassion and rampant corruption.

All of these problems will be worse when people are allowed back on the streets. The homeless encampments, unregulated and not subject to the pandemic mandates affecting everyone else, will have become permanent. Small business owners everywhere will survey the financial wreckage, and move elsewhere. Tech companies, their bubble valuations topped out, will not be sufficient sources of tax revenue to make up for the imploding tallies from everyone else. The only thing standing between state and local government agencies and financial catastrophe will be a federal bailout.

Newsom is more than just an incompetent, hypocritical, corrupt governor. He exemplifies the entire fraud that constitutes the Democratic Party in California.

California’s voters are at a tipping point. Newsom’s polling numbers, still high back in September and October, were mostly just a reflection of an anti-Trump electorate being supportive of anything that seemed to defy Trump. When mismanaged and neglected forests burned down half the state, and Trump said Californians needed to revive the timber industry, Newsom instead signed an executive order requiring electric cars, and California’s anti-Trump voters cheered. When COVID-19 struck, and Trump said we must be careful not to let the cure become worse than the disease, Newsom instead imposed a statewide lockdown, and California’s anti-Trump voters cheered again.

The problem with all this anti-Trump enthusiasm in California is that it only buys time for Newsom. In the recent election, with votes still being counted, Californians edged out Texas to cast the most ballots of any state in America—5.9 million so far—for President Trump. And in this high-turnout election, Trump even improved his percentage performance, rising from 31.6 percent in 2016 to 34.2 percent in 2020.

It’s a safe bet that every one of those Californians are ready to throw out Newsom and every other Democratic lawmaker. In fact, the ongoing populist movement to recall Newsom, fresh on the heels of a 120-day extension up to March 17 to gather signatures on a recall petition, has a very good chance of making him fight for his political life in a special recall election in the spring of 2021. And while Trump voters provide ample prospects to sign these recall petitions, the ranks of Californians who’ve had enough of Newsom are growing.

The Hypocrisy of the Party of the Rich

The apparent perpetual nature and increasing severity of what amounts to martial law are driving voters away from Newsom, a process exacerbated by Newsom himself, when he failed to comply with his own mandates. In a faux pasthat will go down in history, on November 10 Newsom and his wife joined at least 10 other people, sans masks, for a dinner paid for by lobbyists at the French Laundry in Napa County, one of the most expensive restaurants in the United States.

Newsom is going to have a hard time talking his way out of this. The hypocrisy of a man who built his image on his aggressive mandates to cope with the pandemic; the brazen display of privilege, lobbyist patronage, and stupefying wealth at this elite restaurant while small business owners, including restaurateurs, have no privilege, have no customer patronage, and must helplessly watch a lifetime of hard-earned wealth slip away rightly enrages many Californians.

Newsom’s initial response? “I should have modeled better behavior.”

Californians, whether they’re Left, Right or centrists, like most people everywhere, dislike hypocrisy. The Democratic litany, which claims Republicans are the party of the wealthy, is about to be broken, and Newsom’s hypocrisy is helping that along. While the vast majority of Californian parents are watching their children try to learn while being locked out of their public schools for nearly a year, Newsom’s children go to a private school, where attending classes was never seriously disrupted.

This reality, that the wealthy are exempt from the consequences of curfews and lockdowns, and these same wealthy are providing the backing and the agenda for the Democratic Party, is a ticking time bomb. Republicans already understand this. Republicans understand that their party is now the party of the worker. And every time a Democratic politician slips up—like Newsom with his dinner, or Pelosi with her two freezers filled with $12-a-pint ice cream—more voters realize that identity politics and environmentalist panic is a smoke screen, a con job, a way to get them to keep voting for the party of the rich.

Ultimately, when Californians emerge from their “dark winter” and try to resume their lives, they are going to have less tolerance than ever for the rhetoric of the Left. For example, compassion for the homeless is going to wear thin when your business is ruined and your bank is foreclosing on your mortgage, and meanwhile, thousands of homeless people took over the streets where you live and trashed them. They’re stoned out of their minds and shitting on the sidewalks.

And what is the answer? Round them up, put them in tent shelters in inexpensive parts of town? Get them off drugs? Dry them out? Help them? No. Of course not. Democrats will propose to spend additional billions to give them free housing on the beach at a cost of between $500,000 and $1 million per unit, and not even require them to stop using methamphetamine.

Of course they’re homeless and high all the time. Democrats reward them for it.

Similarly, next summer, when another 4 million acres of forest burn in California, and burned out homeowners can’t get fire insurance unless they move into a city where, thanks to overregulation, it costs $1 million to buy a bungalow with a backyard so small you can’t even set up a swing for your kids, Democrats will claim that the timber industry is the problem instead of recognizing it as the solution, and that absurdity will finally be heard for what it is: elitist, quasi-communist, clueless, baseless, misanthropic, opportunistic bullshit.

In every area of public policy, the progressive fraud that constitutes the Democratic Party, led by Gavin Newsom, will be exposed as threadbare posturing, designed to make the rich even richer, while everyone else gets broken financially and herded into subsidized hovels to save the earth and foster “equity.”

But perhaps the most egregious crime of the Democrats, inviting the biggest backlash, will be the performance of California’s public schools.

Returning to the classroom after being almost completely abandoned by teachers who never missed a month of pay despite not having to do much teaching, parents will demand a return to education fundamentals. They will demand a return to classroom discipline and teacher accountability. Who knows, maybe they will even demand school vouchers, to break the Democratic union monopoly that’s turned public education in California into a cruel joke.

One may go on and on. How many of California’s Latinos, who voted for Trump in record numbers, are going to stay loyal to Democrats, led by the likes of Newsom—white as snow and filthy rich—who have decided, without asking, that their ethnic group is no longer known as “Latinos,” but is now “Latinx,” pronounced “Latin-Ex.” Exactly who among the Democrats thought this act of cultural imperialism would be welcomed by Latinos? They’re in for a rude shock, and it’s about time.

There is a seismic wave building in California. It’s still far away, but it’s coming in with the tide. And when it reaches the shore, it is going to sweep away everything in its path. Most definitely including Gavin Newsom, and his rotten, corrupt, wealthy, dirty, grasping, lying, worthless party.

This article originally appeared on the website American Greatness.


  1. Douglas Settle says

    Well said!

  2. The Captive says

    Tarred and feathered ! Tarred and FEATHERED !
    That’s what we want to see

    Newsome gruesome -tarred and feathered!

    Indeed he has earned it and then wouldn’t it be neat to see
    him rode out on a rail??

  3. Not in the least bit surprised!!! says

    Have you seen this????

    Add this to the other UN-Constitutional acts this total POS has done!!! The man needs to SWING!!!! He’s a petty little banana-republic tyrant!!!! Where DOES he get his marching orders from??? Auntie Nancy or straight from Soros????

    His next target – shut down Christmas. Ruin it for everyone, kids and all!!! Surprised he hasn’t gone the Cuomo way and killed the elderly!! Is that next??? WHEN will Californians have enough and fight back???

  4. Yes, he sucks & I don’t know anyone that likes this hypocrite, making us all more unsafe for being Californians. Protecting illegal criminals that shouldn’t be here & have committed bad crimes against us. Letting our felons from jail & going after law-abiding citizens for wanting to go to church. May Gavin be doomed forever for what he did against us the legal people of California.

    • Jesus Beltran says

      Paul Boike, and where did the “legal people of California” come from originally? How many original natives of the American Continent did “the legal people of California” have murdered in the name of freedom, justice and law and order. How many Blacks did the “legal people of California” have enslaved and murdered? The cruelty and hypocrisy of “the legal people of California” has no match. You racist mother flowers, burger flippers are not even human beings. Who died and left you you such a huge territory just for you, florecita, pussy grabber? Are you a legal criminal, like most of you, drug addicted, porno freaks, child molesters, pussy grabbers?

  5. Keep in mind we voted him into office.

    • UpChuck.Liberals says

      Are you sure about that? The same computer system was used for his election.

      • Jesus Beltran says

        UpChuck.Liberals, if you have proof that Mr. Gavin Newsom and Mr. Joe Biden committed fraud to be elected, you live in a free country. You can go to Mr. Xavier Becerra’s office with your real evidence. You can also go to the U.S Attorney’s office wherever you live and provide the real evidence that you have. You sound like the racist pussy grabber who asked his stupid idiots, mamanes, child molesters to vote twice for him, and now he is claiming that the 90 million people who did not vote for him committed the same fraud that he asked his racist, pussy grabbersm stupid idiot zombie, cult followers to commit. You racist pendejos crack me up.

  6. California is populated by not only morons who vote for all of this but people who are afraid of their own shadow!
    Needless to say that is the generations that grew up NOT learning about U.S.History, our Constitution, or Civics. Being ignorant of all these they believe that the government supersedes any other authority, i.e., our once upon a time Moral Authority in America, the Christian God! “His” lessons being taught in our schools, both grammar and the college and university level. You should google who and why Harvard and Yale were established!
    What Newsom dictates demonstrates is a following of Marxists rule. Even California, right now, is an unconstitutional state that is leaning towards Marxist doctrine.
    The population either wakes up and makes a 180 degree political turn or they line up for their shackles. All appearances are that they are getting in line!

    • Don’t assume all 40 million people in California agree with Democrats, we don’t, but the union corruption and voter fraud has been very difficult to overcome. But if Sniff and Blow get into the White House, California is coming to all states. I’ve been saying for years if you don’t cut the head off the snake (California’s politicians), the whole country is going to end up like California.

      You can take all your cute little sayings ‘Don’t California my Texas’ and throw them in the garbage because the facts are that California has all the money. Companies like Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter support the corrupt politicians and are backed by-their money.

      It’s not just Californians that need to wake up, the whole country needs to wake up before the politicians destroy this whole Country. It may already be too late.

      • Jesus Beltran says

        Cycleman, can I ask you if you are familiar with the U.S real history? I can tell you that before you racist pussy grabbers came to our Continent, we were very happy and content. Of course we had small wars with different tribes to settle scores. But we sure took care of our land and environment, made sure that the air that we breathed was pure and healthy. We made sure we didn’t extinguish any creatures that kept us fed. I can assure you that if you racist, pussy grabbers, mother flowers go back to the rat hole you crawled from or under, we will be happy and content again.


    • Jesus Beltran says

      Melocoton, maricon, you talk about Nazis. Are you a pussy grabber folllower of the biggest pussy grabber Nazi that ever lived? You are a racist, beatch. Anti-American slut that you are. Read the U.S Constitution in its entirety, racist scoundrel.


    • Jesus Beltran says

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    • Jesus Beltran says

      Mel, who are the Socialist Scumbags you want to kill? Can you name tthem by their God given name? You must be a left over from the old wild, wild old west. You racist pussy grabbers crack me up. You all came to this continent because you were starving to death in Europe, and now you think you own the entire Universe. You still have the plantation owner mentalty. Why should you make 1/4 of a million dollars or more a year for doing nothing but sucking ding dongs, eating cunt, smoking grass, snorting dandruff powder, watching children pornography, while the real hard workers who make the U.S Economy bloom, hustle and bustle only make 7 dollars an hour? Mel, can you tell, that you don’t belong in the royalty house of welles, racist putana?

  9. Newsom will escape by appointing himself US Senator to succeed Kamala Harris. He will have two years for California voters to forget what a fiasco he is.

  10. Jesus Beltran says

    str8talk, I am not a fan of neither Newsom, nor Biden, but compared to the racist pussy grabber, sexual predator, peeping Tom, pathological liar, closeted homosexual, child molester, con-artist thief, drug addicted Dotard J Dumbfrp, they are as trusting and honest as the late Mother Theresa. (which by the way, wasn’t a Saint either, and neither most of you, racist, hypocrites pussy grabbers.

  11. California “was” home to more than 4 million small businesses, which employed more than 7 million people across the state in 2019. Newsom is doing a great job of devastating small businesses and the economy. In addition, with California having among the highest cost of electricity for residents and businesses, and the highest cost for fuel, Newsom is doing a great job of “increasing” both for the 40 million residents of the state. Newsom cannot understand why California has the highest rate of poverty and homelessness in America!

  12. Jesus Beltran says

    Ronald Stein, what would you do to make California a great state with equal opprtunities for all races, without exploiting the very same people who have been exploited for centuries, without locking-up children as young as two months in metal cages? Without incarcerating the most vulnerable, oppressed, marginalized by huge masses so they can be used as slaves and to generate employment for a herd of wild, pussy grabbing animals who think thery are the Masters of the Unverse? I would love to hear your ideas. You are not another racist, pussy grabber, are you?

  13. This article is wishful thinking, I am sorry to say. The State is run and supported by tech, public sector unions and the entertainment industry. Those three segments together are far too powerful to stop by the normal middle class and working class people.

    We’re doomed.

    • Chris Renner says

      I agree Stephanie. Newsome will win reelection in two years, probably by a very small majority, but he will squeak by. It will take a 2023 Depression to expose the tax and spenders (Republican and Democrat alike) but California will not hit rock bottom until you see over 150 municipalities LA, SD, Oakland, Fresno, Palo Alto, Newport, and Beverly Hills, etc.) declare bankruptcy, until public pensioners receive 50% of their expected annual earnings, until Bidenvilles populate every underpass, every park, and every high school gymnasium. Unfortunately, Newsome will be exposed when the only thing he knows how to do (spend and appropriate) is taken from him. Whether he is eventually Recalled or not, Newsome will go down in history as a G.O.A.T., the worst California governor of all time.

  14. Petition recruiter says

    Registered voters: Sign the petition! If you cant find a signing table, download the petition from: Recall Gavin 2020. Sign and mail it in. Get signatures from others and fill your page. Follow the directions carefully, one county per page. If you signed before June 15, 2020 sign again. This is a new petitionon. Do not sign online!!! Download, print and mail.
    If all of you do this, Gavin will be gone. We are over half way there!
    Just remember, any mistake on the petition will discard that signature.

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