What the High-Speed Rail Audit Really Means

Gov. Jerry Brown, Anne GustAlthough the midterm election was held on November 6th, the news media was absorbed for several weeks with undecided close races and the strength of the “blue wave,” especially here in California. Perhaps that is why a report from the Auditor of the State of California on the High Speed Rail Project issued the following week did not receive as much attention as it would otherwise warrant.

To understand just how damning the HSR audit was, just consider the subtitle:  “Flawed Decision Making and Poor Contract Management Have Contributed to Billions in Cost Overruns and Delays in the System’s Construction.”  But like many government documents, the audit is couched in bureaucratic language that ordinary citizens may not understand.  For that reason, below are the summary points as provided by the state auditor with accompanying translations.

Auditor: “Although the Authority has secured and identified funding of over $28 billion that it expects will be sufficient to complete initial segments, that funding will not be enough to connect those segments, or finish the rest of the system—estimated to cost over $77 billion.”

Translation: The Authority has succeeded in talking both the federal government and the state of California into providing billions of dollars on a failed project and yet still has no idea where the rest of the money will come from.

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  1. The last two sentences show the difference between the Politicians bs and the viewpoint from a business mans factual interpretation. On a National note this is more than likely why the professional politicians and keepers of the swamp are so upset with their loosing the past POTUS election. All the tax and spend and massive expansion of Cali State Government can be traced to the late seventies when the voters approved Prop 13 to try and bring under control Moonbeams outlandish splurging of the Taxpayers money. (Just send me your money, we will take care of you, I promise). Since then his administration has dreamed up scheme after scheme to expand their control over the Cali citizens.

  2. “Flawed Decision Making and Poor Contract Management Have Contributed to Billions in Cost Overruns…”
    I would not expect anything less from a Democrat program, welfare, immigration, or the high speed boondoggle! They seem to fail at everything they attempt except deceit and lies, of which they are journeymen!
    Skills they will use to continue failed welfare, illegal immigration, and the high speed revenue failure. Deceiving and lying about budgets, debt, and gun control, climate change, abortion, and of course immigration.
    Democrats have taught me hate and there they are also journeymen in their hate for America and America’s President Trump.
    I hope the rot in …………………. got’a be a worse place for them than hell?

  3. And what is the DEBT load in this state???????????????
    Waste of Taxpayer money. SCRAP the whole damn thing.
    Dems: Tax & Spend other peoples money…………………. yet no money for local school districts to buy pencils………………………

  4. The political malfeasance in this State is the cowardice of office holders to cover their derrière by having “Commissions” and “Authorities” that are not answerable to the public do their devious dealings, most out of sight of the public that funds these crazy schemes.
    It seems to me that most, if not all, Commissions (etc) could, should, be accomplished in the private sector where accountability and transparency will keep political thuggery at bay.

  5. There is a wiseman that once said….SHINE THE SPOTLIGHT…and the truth will be known.
    Can we at least find someone to open the sunlight to all of this via a MEGA/MAGA campaign????

  6. S.N.A.F.U.!

  7. James Ferrando says

    like father…like son

  8. betty kearns says


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