Will California lead America into the second American Civil War?

America and California are at a crossroads, and it is reminiscent of the Civil War in 1861-65. The first American civil war was fought over slavery and states versus federal rights, but this one is different, and possibly more insidious, because California is leading the charge to take down the duly elected president of the United States, Donald Trump. But what isn’t being reported shouldn’t be the phenomenon of the “deep state,” or “fake news,” but why former U.S. National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was pushed out of his position. This is the real reason the former elements of the Obama administration and the entrenched bureaucracy are trying to now ruin President Trump.

The former U.S. administration in September 2014 explained their surprise and the “intelligence failure” of the U.S. intelligence community and national security advisers to President Obama being caught off guard at the rapid advance of ISIS. But in 2012 when Michael Flynn was in charge of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) a prescient analyst in the DIA’s Middle East office wrote a report predicting the rise of ISIS, fall of Iraq and the Syrian War.

Former Deputy Director of the CIA Michael Morell argued the memo was conjecture and conspiracy theory heresy, but Morell also knew Flynn had appeared on Al Jazeera during retirement confirming this information was shared at the highest levels of the CIA and policy briefings at the White House. Flynn embarrassed former White House and intelligence officials, and this caused them (the deep state) to look for a reason to ruin Flynn and now Trump.

Even more damaging is how former Deputy Director of the FBI under Obama, and now acting FBI Chief Andrew McCabe’s wife took over $500,000 for her failed Senate bid from now Virginia governor, Terry McAuliffe. Acting-Director McCabe is also under sexual harassment charges against Flynn’s top counter-terrorism official, Supervisory Special Agent Robyn Gritz. Flynn intervened to testify against McCabe and other top FBI counter-terrorism officials for sexual harassment.

The full story can be found here: https://www.circa.com/story/2017/06/27/nation/did-the-fbi-retaliate-against-michael-flynn-by-launching-russia-probe

Donald TrumpWhile Trump’s twitter account is bombastic and seems un-presidential, the charges Trump has made about the “deep state” being out to get him and having world media outlets as co-conspirators makes more sense examining how ISIS rose from Syria and now Trump is embarrassing former top Obama officials. If Flynn ever testifies, which I don’t believe he will, then careers, reputation and legacies could be at stake if the truth ever comes out about former NSA Susan Rice, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, former U.N. ambassador Samantha Power, and former CIA Director, John Brennan and possibly President Obama.

Then add Trump’s bashing of President Obama’s signature foreign policy achievement – the Iran nuclear deal into the equation – and questions need to be asked who is out to take down President Trump and why? Also, why is California so hell-bent on taking down Trump, led by Congressman Adam Schiff, when Trump doesn’t need California for re-election or political capital to abolish Obamacare, pass tax cuts, cut environmental programs or gut California’s stake of the federal budget?

This new American civil war where shots aren’t being fired, but lives across the globe are being lost, takes on deeper meaning when considering that each day seemingly brings a new foreign policy crisis landing at the doorstep of Asian, European, Central American, South American, Middle Eastern and American leaders doorsteps. From the provocative behavior of Russia to the militarization of the South China Sea and the inevitable collapse of Venezuela.

When California elected leaders are more concerned about defying Trump, instead of being troubled when the governor of Illinois says his state is “like a banana republic,” then the U.S. is in deep unrest. California is also in the nuclear crosshairs of North Korea. It’s not an unheard scenario where California isn’t vigorously defended as our leadership, Hollywood entertainment chiefs and electorate continue poking the presidential bear. This could leave our state in the position to defend itself if and when North Korea launches their nuclear arsenal at our western coastline.

Whether you like Trump or not isn’t the question for California, as an equal amount of U.S. citizens didn’t care for President Obama, but rule of law should take precedence over obstruction of justice. Especially when hegemonic, adventurous nations such as China, Iran, Russia and North Korea (CIRN) are watching U.S. political behavior and searching for ways to undo the liberal global order for their own gain. If California cares about environmental laws, regulations and eradication of climate change they should embrace Trump. Since it recently came to light China, India and Europe are all building or keeping in place coal-fired power plants to compensate for the intermittent unreliability of renewable energy.

This undoing of America has become a “lawyers war,” that has produced soft, war-like moves bordering on a coup at American political leadership. Historian Victor Davis Hanson has listed 12 actions meant to undermine the U.S. government that range from nullifying federal law to using the 25th amendment to declare Trump unfit for office. California has embraced all of these methods to our detriment and I’d argue eventual demise.

Additionally, world media, universities and Hollywood popular culture seek to have Trump impeached from office, or worse prosecuted for some alleged misconduct that doesn’t have a law-breaking statute attached to the allegations. Now anything Trump attempts is deemed venomous and he needs to be reduced to a pariah, worse than a tin-pot dictator or authoritarian. The irony is let the American “resistance,” of academia, universities, Hollywood and political elites on both sides of the political spectrum try this “resistance” with the North Korean regime, and they, and their families would die, or be sent to a concentration camp.

What resistance-acolytes like U.S. Senator John McCain seek is power at all cost, and still upset their egos were hurt by Trump during and after the U.S. presidential election. McCain has gone from statesman to part of the resistance that now accepts money from the loathsome George Soros. McCain, who fought and literally bled for freedom, has become what he fought against as a young man. McCain is no better at this time than Maxine Waters, Gavin Newsom or Jerry Brown. Let’s hope Vietnam War hero McCain reforms his ways.

Interestingly, President Obama spoke about the use of power and fighting evil during his first term when he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize. Obama said:

But as a head of state sworn to protect and defend my nation, I face the world as it is, and cannot stand idle in the face of threats to the American people. For make no mistake: Evil does exist in the world.

What Obama understood during that speech, but didn’t carry over during his presidency, was explaining the burden a U.S. president has constitutionally as the Commander-in-Chief – mainly, the use of force – and confronting evil across the globe as the world’s policeman. This U.S. trifecta of resistance coming from universities, media and Hollywood has descended into smears, campus violence and bludgeoned rhetoric meant to ruin lives. And foolishly California funds this un-prudent political behavior through two-faced men like Tom Steyer.

U.S. Democrats, Republicans and European leaders don’t consider the inherited mess left to Trump. Instead of fighting real evil coming from CIRN, and their proxies, California elected focus on undermining Trump and his political appointees. Yet, make no mistake that CIRN are watching, waiting and salivating at the opportunity to parcel up territory for their ravenous, national-pride appetites. Imprisoning, eliminating and carving up California would be a top priority.

Consider what would happen to the Philippines right now if the U.S. hadn’t come to their aid fighting ISIS? ISIS is nothing compared to the Chinese Navy, Russian Spetsnaz, Iranian Quds Force, or North Korean nuclear missiles. Does California really want U.S. political instability? Chancellor Angela Merkel, who doesn’t like Trump, recently commented about U.S. leadership being at the forefront over Russian and Chinese influence. She may dislike Trump, but is shrewd enough to know the Russians would overrun her country and Europe in days without the U.S.-led NATO alliance.

This California political resistance should ask themselves why they are advocating war-like maneuvers and tactics without realizing that at some point maybe their alacrity will be pushed right back in their faces? If that happens then a shooting war in the U.S. will take place, and that could be the start of World War III. But, may cooler heads prevail and morality not be jettisoned to the backseat of global geopolitical struggles tearing at the social fabric that has held the world together for over 70 years.

Todd Royal is a geopolitical risk and energy consultant based in Los Angeles.