Star Witness In Michael Brown Shooting Charged With Theft, Filing False Police Report

IJ Review:

Dorian Johnson, the primary witness to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, has an outstanding warrant for a 2011 theft in Jefferson City and pleaded guilty for filing a false police report related to that theft.

St. Louis ABC affiliate ABC 17 cross referenced Johnson’s name against several records and discovered the warrant. Johnson will be the star witness for any potential prosecution proceedings against Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of Brown. Johnson was walking with Brown when the shooting occurred.

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Ferguson Wednesday Night

Americans Are Divided On Obama’s Response To Ferguson

From The Huffington Post:

Americans give President Barack Obama mixed, but narrowly positive, ratings for his response in the aftermath of the fatal police shooting of a black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, a new poll finds.

Forty-one percent of Americans say they’re satisfied with Obama’s performance, with 34 percent dissatisfied and the remaining quarter undecided, according to a CBS/New York Times survey released Thursday. In comparison, according to CBS, 46 percent of Americans were dissatisfied with President George H.W. Bush’s response to the 1992 riots in Los Angeles.

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Compton School Police Getting AR-15s

From Truth Revolt:

In July, the school board for the City of Compton in Southern California passed a measure that would allow the school’s police to keep AR-15 rifles in the trunks of their patrol cars in case of a school shooting or other attack.

According to KPCC, Compton Unified Police Chief William Wu urged the board to consider the proposal, saying that school officers are “under-equipped in the event of a terrorist attack or mass shooting.” “This is our objective — save lives, bottom line,” he said.

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Congressman: Obama’s ‘Muslim Brothers’ Preventing Action Against Terrorists In Iraq

From Think Progress:

A Republican congressman warned Americans that President Obama would not be able to adequately protect the nation from the threat posed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) — the terrorist organization that has taken over large parts of Iraq — because the administration’s policy is being guided and influenced by “Muslim brothers.”

Appearing on SiriusXM’s “The Wilkow Majority,” Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) argued, “if you’re Commander-in-Chief you can’t be listening to Muslim brother advise on when it’s time to stop destroying Muslim brothers.”

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A Senator In A Tough Re-Election Fight Bets On Obamacare

From The Huffington Post:

The Affordable Care Act, in its brief time on this earth, has endured its share of storm and stress. The bungled rollout of the federal online interface cost proponents lots of political capital. There have been high-wire legal challenges to surmount. While public approval of the law’s ends remains steadily high, the popularity of the law itself is often recorded as lacking. There have been uneasy periods for Obamacare’s chief proponents as they’ve waited for enrollment milestones to be reached and rate-hike hysteria to be put to bed. (There’s recent news on that front, actually.) And as the law promises so much, over such a long time frame, there will be more uneasy periods to endure for the lawmakers who put their stamp on the reform.

But the simple fact is that some lawmakers voted for Obamacare and some voted against it, and there’s only so far any of them can run from their decision. That’s why I’ve had the occasion to talk about “the Obamacare bet.” The bill’s opponents have largely settled on a claim: The law is going to fail and their admonitions against it will be proven wise and correct. The bill’s supporters should go ahead and stake the opposite claim. Many of those who supported the bill, however, have been reluctant to go “all in” on the decision they made. Especially among those who voted for the law and have since found themselves in a tough electoral race.

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McConnell Warms Up To The Idea Of Another Government Shutdown

From The Huff Post Politics:

 In the aftermath of the October 2013 government shutdown — as each side took stock of its gains and losses — Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) gave one of the saga’s more memorable quotes. “One of my favorite sayings is an old Kentucky saying, ‘There’s no education in the second kick of a mule.’ The first kick of the mule was in 1995; the second one was the last 16 days,” he said when asked whether the Republican Party would bring the government to a halt again. “A government shutdown is off the table. We’re not going to do it.”

The regret in those words reflected the GOP’s mood at the time. The shutdown had backfired, leaving the president’s health care law intact and hurting the GOP brand. And in order to end it, McConnell and other Senate Republicans had been forced to swoop in at the last minute and cast difficult votes to clean up the House’s mess.

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These 9 Charts Show America’s Coming Student Loan Apocalypse

From The Huffington Post:

Borrowers with federal student loans, long promoted as the safest way to borrow for college, appear to be buckling under the weight of their debt, new data show. More than half of Direct Loans, the most common type of federal student loan, aren’t being repaid on time or as expected, according to figures from the U.S. Department of Education. Nearly half of the loans in repayment are in plans scheduled to take longer than 10 years. The number of loans in distress is rising.

The increase in troubled loans comes as the average amount of student debt has significantly outpaced wage growth. After adjusting for inflation, the average recipient of federal student loan funds owed 28 percent more in 2013 than in 2007, according to Education Department data. But the typical holder of a bachelor’s degree working full time experienced a 0.08 percent decrease in weekly earnings during that same period. For those with advanced degrees, median wages increased just 0.02 percent, according to figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Islamic State message to America: ‘we will drown all of you in blood’

From Yahoo:

The Islamic State militant group that has seized large parts of Iraq and drawn the first American air strikes since the end of the occupation in 2011 has warned the United States it will attack Americans “in any place” if the raids hit its militants.

The video, which shows a photograph of an American who was beheaded during the U.S. occupation of Iraq and victims of snipers, featured a statement which said in English “we will drown all of you in blood”. U.S. airstrikes in northern Iraq have helped Kurdish fighters take back some territory captured by Islamic State militants, who have threatened to march on Baghdad.

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Ebola Outbreak Worsens With Missing Patients, US Scare

From ABC:

The Ebola outbreak continues to spiral out of control amid reports of looting at a Liberian health center and the isolation of a traveler from Sierra Leone here in the U.S. The virus has killed at least 1,145 and sickened 982 more, according to numbers released Friday by the World Health Organization.

An updated outbreak toll is expected soon. The outbreak is already the deadliest on record and has shown no signs of slowing. About 42.5 percent of all Ebola deaths since the virus was discovered in 1976 have occurred since March 2014, according to WHO data.

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Jerry Brown sets debate with Neel Kashkari

From The Sacramento Bee:

Gov. Jerry Brown will debate Republican Neel Kashkari in Sacramento early next month, the only debate the incumbent governor will participate in ahead of the November election, his campaign said Monday.

Brown, who leads Kashkari by a wide margin both in fundraising and public opinion polls, previously said he was unsure if he would debate Kashkari. The little-known Republican has pressed Brown to debate him 10 times, echoing a call Brown made four years ago in his race against Meg Whitman. The one-hour debate, on Sept. 4, was first reported Monday by KQED News, one of the producers of the event. It comes relatively early in the race, and Dan Newman, a spokesman for Brown, said it is the only debate invitation the governor will accept.

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