Beverage group sues S.F. over soda warnings, advertising ban

As reported by the Associated Press:

The American Beverage Association has sued the city of San Francisco, claiming new legislation requiring health warning labels on sugary beverages and prohibiting advertisements of them on city property violates the First Amendment.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports the association filed the lawsuit on Friday.

The lawsuit says the city “is trying to ensure that there is no free marketplace of ideas, but instead only a government-imposed, one-sided public `dialogue’ on the topic – in violation of the First Amendment. …”

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Finger-pointing reveals no-fault government

From SF Chronicle:

If you have never been to Pier 14 on the Embarcadero, it is just south of the Ferry Building, and thousands of people pass by it every year on the way to the ballpark.

Pier 14 is built on top of a breakwater. The pier is built for walking, and it reaches a long way out from the shore. It is designed to open up the waterfront to the public. The gray-green bay is at your feet and the San Francisco skyline is behind you, so you feel almost as if you have sailed away. It is one of the most beautiful places in the city.

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Study reveals the U.S. Pension System is short by $1 Trillion

From Venture Capital Post:

The states of Illinois, Kentucky and Connecticut, according to a study by Pew Charitable Trust, have been found underfunded by at least $1 trillion.

In a report by CNN Money, pension funds were seen to suffer from two major reasons. First, the funds invested in stocks were not able to cope from the Great Depression up to now. Second, the pension programs that promise retirees a calculated amount of benefits have required contributions that some states fail to maintain.

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Deputies link pier killing to sheriff’s order

From SF Chronicle:

The union representing San Francisco sheriff’s deputies filed a formal complaint against Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, linking the Pier 14 killing of Kathryn Steinle to a March order that barred them from communicating with federal immigration agents, according to documents obtained by The Chronicle.

The murder arrest of a man whom deputies had freed from jail despite a felony record and a history of deportations showed that Mirkarimi’s policy “recklessly compromises the safety of sworn personnel, citizens, and those who merely come to visit the San Francisco area,” the deputies wrote in the grievance.

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San Diego Water Authority wins rate case

From San Diego Union-Tribune:

The San Diego County Water Authority won two sweeping legal victories Wednesday in a mammoth rate case against Southern California’s largest water wholesaler.

If the tentative rulings in the years-long dispute stand, local water users could eventually see significant relief from soaring water bills.

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Uber should be suspended in California and fined $7.3 million, judge says

From L.A. Times:

Uber — plagued by problems with regulators, drivers and taxi unions around the world — took a big blow in its home state Wednesday when an administrative judge recommended that the ride-sharing giant be fined $7.3 million and be suspended from operating in California.

In her decision, chief administrative law judge Karen V. Clopton of the California Public Utilities Commission contended that Uber has not complied with state laws designed to ensure that drivers are doling out rides fairly to all passengers, regardless of where they live or who they are. She said Uber’s months-long refusal to provide such data is in violation of the 2013 law that legalized ride-hailing firms.

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Gas prices spike 69 cents in one week, but relief may be on the way

From L.A. Daily News:

Southern California motorists are grappling with spiking gas prices yet again as a result of tight inventories and ongoing problems at the ExxonMobil refinery in Torrance.

The latest increases have boosted prices to $5 a gallon or more at some stations. And it begs the question — how much more can consumers take?

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Tax increases back on California’s agenda

From Sac Bee:

Inheriting a budget deficit when he took office in 2011, Gov. Jerry Brown tried for months – and failed – to reach agreement with Republicans to put a tax measure on the ballot. He finally bypassed the Legislature and went directly to voters himself.

At the time, Brown said he “learned that the Republicans can’t vote for a tax.”

Advocates push to end detention of transgender immigrants — and then all undocumented immigrants

From OC Register:

When he was 12, Branndon Gonzalez’s parents put his belongings in a big plastic bag outside their house and changed the locks. The young transgender, born a girl nicknamed Auxi, left that home and, later, his country, El Salvador.

Now 22, the undocumented resident from Phoenix is part of a growing movement trying to end the detention of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender immigrants, a population viewed as being particularly vulnerable to sexual assaults and other forms of violence.

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CA Cuts Water Use, But Officials Warn ‘This Is Just the Beginning’

From OC Register:

California residents reduced their water use by 29 percent in May, the sharpest decline since Gov. Jerry Brown began calling for cuts last year amid the intensifying drought.

All regions of the state showed improvement, including Orange County, where water districts reported an average 26 percent reduction in May compared with the same month in 2013.

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