2 New U.S. Cases of Coronavirus Confirmed In California

Health officials in two California counties have reported over the weekend two new cases of Wuhan coronavirus in the state, bringing the total number of cases in the U.S. to four.

The Orange County Health Care Agency reported Saturday that a man in his 50s tested positive for the infectious disease and is currently being treated in isolation at a local hospital.

Meanwhile, officials from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health reported a second new case in California on Sunday. Both counties said the cases had been confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to health officials in Orange and Los Angeles counties, both cases involved people traveling from Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the infectious disease outbreak. Officials said both patients are receiving care at local hospitals, and that the risk of local transmission remains low. …

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  1. According to the CDC anywhere from 10 thousand to 16 thousand people a year die of flu in the USA. Why are we getting our knickers in a knot over 50+ people in China dies of this “new” flu strain. Incidentally, the city of Wuhan where this started (in the public meat market) eats dogs, cats, snakes, lizards, koala bears, bats and other tasty animals with their rice. Tjhink that had anything to do with this new strain?

    • Walter Strog says

      As many as 44K people may by infected in Wuhan. This disease has a 5 to 10 day incubation period and is VERY contagious. Hundreds of air flights per day are leaving China. It has the potential to become a world wide pandemic and could mutate into a worse disease at any time. Do a google search for “Spanish Flu” and you’ll get a notion of what we could be dealing with.

  2. Obviously they didnt learn the first time when Sars and the other one were going around. You eat weird stuff, you get sick.

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