$5 gas? California gas prices soar as national average approaches $3

Brace yourself, Californians.

The statewide average price of gasoline has soared over $4 per gallon in recent weeks – and now at least four stations there are charging more than $5, according to fuel-savings app GasBuddy.

That comes as the national average price of gas continues its customary spring climb as Memorial Day approaches.

The national average hit $2.90 on Friday, up 20 cents from a month ago and 8 cents more than a year ago, according to AAA.

California is a big reason for the spike in the national average. The state’s average price of $4.09 is up 44 cents from a month ago and 46 cents from a year ago, according to AAA. …

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  1. tomsquawk says

    funny how it happens this time of year. i had a client that bought a boat-load of gasoline in the 70’s speculating the the price would rise. he retired shortly thereafter. what’s floating around out there now?

  2. askeptic says

    Your vacation plans may not be interested in supply & demand, but supply & demand is interested in your vacation plans.

  3. Get rid of the California “special blend” and allow the purchase and distribution of gasoline from other states – ease the restrictions on extracting oil from the ground in the state! We need to take another shot a repealing the gas taxes that went into affect – have your roads got any better? It is such a scam – we need to have our lawmakers do an audit of where the fuel tax money is going! Time for come common sense legislation that takes care of us Californians!!

  4. California resident and get ready for RECALLS DEMOCRATES…Demwits are going to get CRUSHED….WATCH AND SEE asswipe demwits

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