691,000 People Moved Out of California Last Year

Does it feel like all your friends are moving out of state? It’s because they are.

We’ve got more than goodbye parties and U-Haul shortages as evidence: Newly released census data shows approximately 691,000 people moved from California to another U.S. state in 2018. About 501,000 people moved from another state into California over the same time period.

It’s the seventh year in a row that more people have left the state than moved in, reports KNTV.

Where all the California refugees going? The No. 1 destination is Texas, which may not come as a huge surprise. For starters, it’s a big state with the second-largest population after California. Jobs there are also plentiful — Texas added more jobs last year than any other state (the unemployment rate is about 3% in Texas). …

Click here to read the full article from the San Francisco Chronicle.


  1. Disgusted in LA says

    So, the ones moving in are from WHERE??? Oh yeah – another state – IN ANOTHER COUNTRY!!!!!!

  2. The Captive says

    How about terrorists moving in? How about them setting fires just like last year? These are invaders who have a political ideology that hates free women and a free country and uses slavery on a regular basis. Go Figure!

  3. And I wish that I was one of them!
    Maybe this year.
    Not to worry, Newsom is replacing them with illegals and homeless.

  4. And I’d bet that most (if not all) who are moving out will be hard working conservative Republican voters. This is exactly what the current regime in power here wants. Replaced with illegal invaders from other countries and homeless vagrant bums from other states who are all flocking here for the free benefits. Promised by our narcissistic Governor Gabby Gruesome and his crew of criminal democrats for the sole purpose of increasing the number of dependent people who will only vote to keep the current regime in power until doomsday, while sane voters and business’s who would oppose them are moving away as fast as they can and taking their money, that can no longer be taxed to death by Gov. Gruesome, with them.
    At this rate before much longer there won’t be any money producing business’s or people left in the state at all.
    At the point when it all comes crashing down (sooner now than later) there will only be the rich ruling elite and the dirt poor peasants/peons/serfs left in the new medieval fiefdom that once was the state of California.
    Goodbye golden state. It was nice knowing you.

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