A New Mayor for San Diego

From U-T San Diego:

Thanks to a surprisingly strong victory, Kevin Faulconer, a moderate Republican who promises to put San Diego on a common-sense, business-friendly path, will soon become San Diego’s 37th mayor. Congratulations to the veteran councilman and best wishes for him and for San Diego in the 32 months before he must face voters again.

Faulconer won by overcoming a formidable set of challenges: a Democratic voter registration edge in the city of nearly 14 percentage points; an opposition campaign led by organized labor on behalf of Faulconer’s opponent, Democratic Councilman David Alvarez, that raised and spent at least $5.1 million, much of it from public employee unions based in Sacramento and Washington, D.C.; an army of ground troops, again organized by labor, for a massive get-out-the-vote drive on behalf of Alvarez; and an energized Latino community hungry for the election of San Diego’s first Latino mayor.

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