A stunned downtown L.A. surveys damage from looting, vandalism

Along the stretch of shops and tiny restaurants that line Broadway, the sound of pulsating banda music had been replaced by the whirring of power saws and the staccato of hammers pounding plywood as workers hurried to batten down damaged storefronts.

On a normal Saturday the street would be bustling with customers, most chattering away in Spanish.

But this was not a normal Saturday, with a global pandemic and a riot conspiring to keep people away, leaving the streets — and stores — empty. “It’s not because of this,” said a man guarding the door to the Fallas Paredes clothing store at 5th Street and Broadway, pulling on his face mask to show he was speaking of COVID-19. …

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  1. Cycleman says

    The Mayor, Sheriff and the Chief of Police all need to be fired. Los Angeles politicians and bureaucrats treated the rioters with velvet gloves.

    Diversity is destroying our cities. I don’t care what color you are if you’re burning and destroying peoples property, you need to be taken down – hard.

    The people of Los Angeles need to arm themselves and protect their homes, families and business just like the people did at the Philadelphia Target store. The police will not and cannot protect you under the leadership of California.

  2. You have a right to protest and you have a right to march. If you are going to have a protest keep it in one place. If you are going to have a march get a parade permit or keep it on the sidewalk and out of the street. As soon as you get into the street you block traffic and your right to protest does not override my right to drive down the street. As soon as the protesters start walking in the street or block a street or freeway they need to be arrested and put in jail and fined 5k and if they came from more than 50 miles away the fine should be 10k. If they engage in any destruction, vandalism or arson or looting it should be an automatic 5 years with no parole and if they came more than 50 miles it should be 10 years

    • Cycleman says

      Agreed. I’m also sick of seeing homeowners and business owners being arrested by the police for protecting their property with firearms. If you’re blocking the freeway and you try to smash the window to pull me and my family out, I will mow down 50 people to get away and there should be no charges.

      I’m sick of criminals having more rights than law abiding people.

  3. us citizen says

    These people dont give a shit about George. All they want to do is cause harm and violence. There should be NO tolerance for this. They should all be rounded up and put in jail with NO bail.

    Im sick of this “time out” mentality and you cant hurt anyone’s feelings. Enough of this crap. Start laying down the law and enforcing it. Without that there is chaos……………….as you can see.

    Wait until the silent majority gets pissed off. You think its bad now!

  4. Really??? says

    The following is a remark from a middle class “Negro” (now that is going to rankle a few). He is black an said Garcetti, and the Democrats own letting this get out of control.

    My friend said he was watching TV and knew what was going to happen with the first moves to block freeways.

    He laid this getting out of control at the feet of the Democrats and “can’t we all just get along” crowd.

    Brown and the the Democrat savaged the National Guard. They are a shell of what they used to be. The Democrats who are in open rebellion to the Constitution and the Nation have relaxed the rules. No Bail Jail. Empty jails because the Black and Hispanics are the majority (think they might also be criminals/)

    The Dem’s would not open the economy. The Dem’s wanted the Fed’s to give them free money and no work. The Dem’s now own the looted, fire bombed businesses that were opening and will not. There go the jobs and incomes. But that is OK, Socialists will rob more money with gross taxes to give to you.

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