Activists Launch Gascón Recall Attempt

Victims’ rights advocates on Saturday kicked off their recall campaign against newly elected Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. George Gascón, who has vowed sweeping criminal justice reforms to the nation’s largest prosecutor’s office.

The recall campaign group held a “victims vigil” outside the Hall of Justice downtown and planned to gather the minimum of 20 signatures required to file a notice of intent to formally begin the recall process next month. About 100 people attended the event, organizers said.

The day he took office, Gascón announced an array of sweeping changes that included ending the use of sentencing enhancements, severely restricting when prosecutors can seek to hold defendants in lieu of bail, ending use of the death penalty in L.A. County and stopping the practice of trying juveniles as adults.

He vowed to make many of those reforms during a contentious election campaign against incumbent Jackie Lacey — one in which law enforcement and prosecutors unions across California spent millions in a failed bid to defeat him. …

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  1. Rottweiler says

    His record spoke loudly if not blatantly that he ruined San Francisco and the point that he was a paid for Soros thug should have been a big warning. The Dems should have to live with what this progressive leech unleashes on Los Angeles. What is really amusing is the fact that everyone is triggered with the lack of black representation so they throw out Jackie Lacey because she is tough on crime. These people get what they deserve and as violence and crime plus homelessness takes over every aspect of California, these wonderfully stupid voters should get what they paid/voted for, the same thing in the DNC camp.

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