Amid Pandemic, Companies Gave Big Amounts to Newsom’s Causes

From the L.A. Times:

Facebook, Google and Blue Shield of California are among the companies that contributed $226 million to government causes on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s behalf last year, an unprecedented level of spending that is raising alarms about the influence large corporations are amassing in Sacramento.

State records reviewed by The Times show that so-called “behested payments” surged in 2020 compared with the year prior, when companies gifted $12.1 million on Newsom’s behalf. The governor’s haul last year during the COVID-19 pandemic was six times as much as that reported by the preceding governor, Jerry Brown, during his final eight years in office combined.

With no limit on how much money can be donated by organizations or individuals at the behest of the governor, millions of dollars flowed in to prop up public services during the pandemic and fund Newsom’s favored programs, including an effort to address homelessness and a public safety campaign promoting the importance of wearing masks. …

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  1. $226+ Million, nepotism, and a pretty face was not enough. All Newsom had to do was emulate Desantis and tell everyone… “You are adults, follow the rules from the experts and stay open. But the temptation to micro manage and RULE was too much and we soon found out the “Emperor has no clothes”. Replacing him should be a great lesson to the incumbent far, far left Bolshevik democrat party. Vote for someone who can bring balance and fiscal sanity back to Sacramento.

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