Arnold Schwarzenegger Hits Bicyclist in West LA: Officials

Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a car crash in West Los Angeles that left a bicyclist hospitalized Sunday, officials said.

The crash took place around 10:30 a.m. at the intersection of San Vicente Boulevard and Burlingame Avenue, according to Officer Mike Lopez of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Schwarzenegger allegedly hit the woman when she made a left turn in front of his vehicle and Schwarzenegger didn’t have time to stop, witnesses told TMZ.  

LAPD officials said the bicyclist’s injuries were considered non-life-threatening and that no crime was committed. 

The “Terminator” star reportedly took the injured woman’s bicycle to a local shop to get fixed.

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  1. This is a common occurrence with bike vs car.

    It would be interesting to see the end report.

    Unsafe lane change? Most likely.

    Ear buds in listening to radio or email?

    Was the driver of both under the influence?

    The fact it was non-life threatening indicates the auto driver was driving defensively and not speeding.

    It never is clear until the final report is out.

  2. Please let her name be Sarah Connor…

    • Heather Colby says

      Wait. The Terminator was sent to protect Sarah. He wouldn’t hurt her.
      I get what you did there!!!! Hahahahaha

  3. Maybe Arnold is too old to drive.

  4. Maybe Arnold is too old to drive.

  5. Did he say, I’ll be back?

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