“Atlas Shrugged: Part II” Celebrates Free Market, Smaller Government

From The Foundry:

With mounting concern over America’s welfare state and growing dependence on government, the producers of “Atlas Shrugged: Part II” hope the timing of their movie brings clarity to the debate. It makes its big-screen debut on Oct. 12, less than a month before Election Day.

At the Heritage’s Bloggers Briefing yesterday, producers Harmon Kaslow and John Aglialoro discussed the principles of individual liberty, free markets and limited government that encapsulate the latest installment of Ayn Rand’s classic book, “Atlas Shrugged.”

Kaslow described the film as “a story about what happens to the world when the best minds go on strike.” He added, “We have a movie that celebrates … smaller government, individual achievement and free markets.”

Aglialoro said the latest film “very succinctly carries out the message that we need a government that allows us to live our lives freely, to know that we own our own lives … and that’s the message of freedom this movie entails.” Despite Rand’s atheism, Aglialoro argued that she succeeded in making a moral basis for capitalism.

The producers are hopeful that the latest installment will resonate with audiences who are concerned about the prevailing trends they are witnessing in America. Heritage recently revealed that the Index of Dependence on Government has jumped for a fourth year in a row — this at a time when nearly half of all Americans are not paying income taxes.

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