Attorney General Stands by Federal Response in Oregon Unrest

Atty. Gen. William Barr on Tuesday aggressively defended the federal response to violence and protests at the federal courthouse in Portland, Ore., and his decision to intercede in criminal cases involving President Trump’s close associates.

The attorney general’s highly anticipated appearance before the House Judiciary Committee lasted a contentious five hours as he parried attacks by Democrats over his response to nationwide protests against police violence, his handling of the Russia investigation and his skepticism about the security of voting by mail.

The bitter and partisan back-and-forth between the nation’s top law enforcement official and Democrats came as authorities have engaged in violent clashes with protesters outside the federal courthouse in Portland, unrest that escalated after federal officers were captured on video taking people into custody without apparent probable cause and driving them away in unmarked vans. Barr has dispatched dozens of federal officers to protect the building. …

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  1. Concerned Citizen says

    Good for him to not back down. This country is in a sad state and getting worse.

  2. The Captive says

    I too am glad he does not cave to their WRONG THINKING AND ACTIONS. These are people who commit criminal acts and NEED TO PAY FOR IT!’ tHE disrespect for law angers me – I want to see them crushed!

  3. Linda Diehl says

    Finally! Looks like someone from the DOJ is finally standing up for America!! Thank you Attorney General Barr! Watched every second of the hearing — they were JERKS!! and certainly didn’t do their cause — IF they have one — ANY good!

  4. Trump should offer to leave the federal property unprotected, with the proviso that the city of Portland will be responsible for paying for any damages incurred.
    Trump should also ask all the insurance companies that are servicing claims in all the terrorized cities to go public with the numbers.
    The fake news is doing a good job hiding the truth as usual. It is time to expose their deceit.
    The good news is …all this political misdirection will stop after the election.

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