Ballot measure would shutter state’s nuclear plants

From OC Register:

A proposed measure aiming for the November ballot would force California’s nuclear power plants at San Onofre and Diablo Canyon to cease operations – and could cause rolling blackouts and cost billions, according to the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst.

The Nuclear Waste Act of 2012 would require that no nuclear power be generated in the Golden State until the federal government can permanently dispose of high-level nuclear waste.

That’s something the feds promised to do decades ago,  with nothing to show for it.

The measure has been cleared for circulation, and supporters must gather 504,760 signatures to get it on the ballot. The deadline is April 16.

San Onofre and Diablo Canyon provide about 16 percent of the state’s electricity, so shutting them down would have tremendous, and immediate, repercussions on consumers, businesses and local governments, the analysts said.

Humpback Whate breaching near PG & E's Diablo Canyon nuclear facility. Photo credit to mikebaird, Flickr

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  1. THIS is another liberal fiasco. There are better and safer ways to RECYCLE nuclear waste-
    There are ways to build smaller nuclear plants that are better too. Sun&wind will not do it!
    This is just another LIBERAL problem.
    I will not sign it. One more sick way to solve the problem. They create more problems and offer
    no solutions. There are solutions .

  2. This is a totally idiotic and suicidal idea, however coming from the liberals this is not surprising. Just finished reading a news article where the writers proposed that we use no energy that produces carbon dioxide and we should do this by 2030. They claim all sorts of health benefits, green jobs etc. and no shortage of electricity. Well this is totally acheivable when one figures that by the time they enact these draconian measures there will probably be no significant population left in the state to use available fuel. Regular style voting seems to do little good but the kind that really makes an impact is voting with one’s feet,. IE moving to another state where some degree of sanity remains!

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