Beach Town Hires Mask Police

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Hermosa Beach is tapping personnel from a private consulting firm to help its Police Department enforce an ordinance requiring face coverings in many public areas, city officials said.

Four health ordinance enforcement officers from Willdan Group began assisting the Hermosa Beach Police Department on Saturday, Police Chief Paul LeBaron said.

Officials plan to see how it goes over the weekend to determine how many of them will be needed moving forward and for how long.

The contract employees are not sworn members of the Police Department and do not have the authority to make arrests, only to enforce certain rules and administrative regulations, LeBaron said. They will be focused exclusively on ensuring that people in the South Bay city are wearing face coverings. …

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  1. The Captive says

    OMG that sure stinks to high heaven!!
    Here you are trying to enjoy the fresh breezes and you suck in your own sweat and snot and drips of sweat rolling down your forehead too. Now imagine that there is no help from the sun for your healthy feeling because it will not dry out all that filth rolling into your FILTHY MASK that makes breathing very DIRTY AND infected with just plain CRAP—-AS IN DEMOCRAP~~
    TRUTH IS that masks are good in an operating room and in a closed environment (depending what one) but not out in the open which is probably a lot more healthy than you are in your FILTHY MASK!
    iT IS WRONG to require wearing them and one more thing- Do you listen to gruesome -newsome on his radio dailies? He does sound gruesome with that grainy-harsh voice and a 2 min. limit is all I can stand too.
    Wearing a filthy mask and listing to gruesome-newsome’s-raspy voice is mega punishment for knowing that they know NOTHING AND think this control will give you positive results – It won’t

  2. Tongue in cheek version.
    Early today in a balmy Southern California city by the water, two Beagles and a Cocker Spaniel were arrested for rape in public ( different than rape in a kennel ). An alert swimmer who happened by stopped another transgression by uncoupling a Pekinese from a Great Dane.
    At the ” Shamy on you place ” the two Beagles were released, because after all, they were wearing masks. At the shamy on you place the two ” bitches ” involved in the case were held over for trial at some unknown date in the future.The two ” bitches ” were being held without bail for not wearing a mask in public.
    The Cocker Spaniel was released when it was found that the ” bitch ” in his case was a bonafide card carrying member of the NRA.
    The Pekinese was released whereupon closer scrutiny it was discovered the Great Dane in his case was also a male.
    A dog walker responsible for the two Beagles was fined $ 3,500,000 for not having his dog walking union membership card on his person while in the company of a dog.
    The ” bitch ” found to have the NRA membership card on her person will be picked early in the AM by the the Pound for execution.
    The swimmer involved in the case was presented with the key to the city He had been recently been released from prison for murder and he was the first releasee to have done something that the powers that be could point to to counter all the people on the streets who were screaming ” Yer nuts ” at them when they passed by.

  3. And masks cause dental problems:

    But we all must sacrifice for the good of – oh, let’s just revolt and get it over with.

  4. I have COPD and was not allowed to enter my bank today because I would not wear a mask. So , now I guess all of the rights of the disabled are also null and void and It’s ok to try to force those with breathing problems to stay out of all public places ??? This would be different if this ” pandemic ” was not a total fraud and that this was a plague but it is no worse than the normal seasonal flu . Thousands of doctors and nurses have come forward with testimony of fraud and falsifying Covid death certificates and yet we are being unlawfully forced to wear masks that have NO CHANCE OF STOPPING ANY VIRUS. PERIOD.
    We are being told by government where we can shop , what we can shop for , how much we can buy , where we can eat, and what we can wear. WHY IS ANYONE COMPLYING WITH THIS COMMUNISM ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    From the Sword of —

  5. This idea has nothing to do with the con-virus.It has everything to do with control…communist democrat control.

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