Berkeley City Council passes a budget with $9.2 million cuts to police

Leaders in Berkeley passed a budget Wednesday that included a $9.2 million cut to the city’s Police Department, a sign of how swiftly the protests over George Floyd’s death have moved from streets and Twitter feeds into City Hall.

Mayor Jesse Arreguín proposed the cut, just as the Oakland City Council took steps to further slash its own police budget. The Oakland council had passed a budget last week that chopped law enforcement funding by $14.6 million, then council members decided Tuesday to amend the budget on July 21, after activists said the reduction wasn’t sufficient.

In Berkeley, the meeting began Tuesday night and ended early Wednesday morning.

“The overwhelming message is we do need to defund the police,” Arreguín said, calling his budget a first step toward that ideal, and a “down-payment” on the city’s commitment to re-envision law enforcement. …

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  1. It would really help your readers if you would attach a percent figure to the dollar amount. If the cut was 30%, not 3%, your readers would share your outrage.

  2. John the Patriot says

    So Berkeley is going to have unarmed civil servants enforcing traffic laws. See what the results are when they pull over a speeding vehicle who’s occupants just committed an armed robbery and they open fire on the unarmed civil servants. This is one of the consequences when you defund the police. Anyone who supports this or thinks defunding the police is a good idea is an idiot or an anarchist. Probably more like an anarchist. The democrats want anarchy just look at the way this crap has spread especially after the riots, I mean peaceful protests. If anything the right thing to do would be to increase police spending. When the next riots happen watch out there might not be any police there.

  3. THE MORON LIBERAL DEMOCRAT PARTY HAS JUST SIGNED ITS DEATH WARRANT. Liberal like to think they can inact all these insanity stupid ideas and be unaffected by them. Soon the criminals will walk among them and they will be sheep among the wolves with no sheepdogs around. They will feel the pain and anguish of their stupidity. And they will have no idea of what they have done??

  4. Floyd’s death is a smoke screen excuse,not a cause.

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