Beverly Hills Police Actually Doing Their Job – Good for them

Beverly Hills is facing criticism after officers arrested 28 people during a peaceful protest against police violence overnight, two weeks after imposing an unusual ordinance banning demonstrations in residential areas that “disrupted the tranquility.”

The latest protest, which began about 7:30 p.m. Friday and drew about 75 people, was the third demonstration in Beverly Hills organized by the Black Future Project, but the first that resulted in arrests, said organizer Austin Tharpe, 29.

“We’re protesting for Black lives,” he said. “Specifically in Beverly Hills, because of the privilege and the whole makeup of the community, we felt like our voices needed to be heard over there.”

He said that after protesters marched for several hours, police deployed a long-range acoustic device, also known as a sonic cannon, and declared the demonstration an unlawful assembly just before midnight. …

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  1. Good for the police for arresting the protesters and bad for the police commanders for just citing and releasing them. The fine should be 5k if the they are locals and 10k if they live more than 50 miles away and they should not be released without posting bond. The only way to stop this is to cause pain to the protesters that do not obey the law. Instead they just let them go without even a slap on the wrist.

  2. Rottweiler says

    At least Beverly Hills conducts themselves like law enforcement. LAPD has been so feminized by all of the other politically correct, leftist, progressive leadership they can barely tie their shoe laces correctly without fear of being excoriated. These bored, angry, paid agitators are simply ANTIFA thugs who really couldn’t care less about Mr. Floyd who albeit unfortunate that he died, he is certainly not worthy of martyrdom, in fact, why would anyone want to acknowledge a criminal who did home invasions and risked other people’s lives with his illegal and felonious activities? He did not deserve to die but one bad cop does not make a entire department suspect. How many white people die by enforcement when they don’t comply? No one seems to be interested in those numbers. How many black people die as victims of other black individuals? The people that want no law enforcement can go live on some island and try their luck, they do not speak for my family. In fact, they sound like idiots.

  3. I wish the protesters would burn Beverly Hills and Hollywood to the ground. All the Hollywood elites have true privilege and yet they support the Democrats who are behind all the riots, destroying family businesses and tearing up the states.

    Alex Villanueva, Sheriff of Los Angeles county said he’s going to increase the CCW permits by 400%, but we know they will all be reserved for the elites in Beverly Hills and Hollywood who donate to his campaign. It’s funny how Democrats hate the constitution, but when they’re being threatened all of a sudden they want their Second Amendment rights and police protection. But, they want to take away your rights to protect yourself and your family.

    Gavin Newsom is only two or three steps away from taking the second amendment away for average citizens. He and all his rich friends will be protected, just not you and me.

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