CA Lawmakers “Grill” Officials over Unemployment Check Delays

From The Sacramento Bee:

As officials in charge of a computer problem that delayed jobless benefits for nearly 150,000 Californians appeared for the first time before an Assembly committee Wednesday, front-line employees testified the department is still buckling under a backlog of calls.

Irene Livingston, an employment program representative for the Employment Development Department in San Jose, said it remains “nearly impossible” for out-of-work Californians to reach an employee at EDD. She told members of the Assembly Insurance Committee the department is overwhelmed with telephone calls and an email system that remains backlogged.

Photo courtesy Franco Folini, flickr

Photo courtesy Franco Folini, flickr


  1. Go ahead keep legislating job killing bills, and running businesses out of state, the unemployment numbers keep going up, and the Democrat controlled, keep on spending money….. this is what you get with liberals running the State.

  2. What is it about government agencies and computers?

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