CA Population Continues Slow Growth

From The Sacramento Bee:

California’s population continued its relatively slow growth in 2013, adding 356,000 more residents, the state Department of Finance reported Wednesday.

The growth, just under 1 percent, brought the state’s population to 38.3 million by the end of the year, an annual report from the department’s demographic unit said.

The San Francisco Bay Area, whose economy has been booming, was the state’s fastest growing region last year with three of the state’s highest growth counties, led by Santa Clara County, home of Silicon Valley. Its 1.5 percent growth was closely followed by adjacent Alameda County.

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  1. Only because of the illegals cranking out babies as fast as they can!!!! Also the reason California is broke and why we are taxed to death and business and decent people are moving out…..everyone is not as stupid as you would like them to be!!!!

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