California Asks for Surplus Federal Land to House Homeless

California is asking the Trump administration to provide surplus federal land that could be used to build housing for the homeless, mirroring a new state program.

Gov. Gavin Newsom sent the request in a letter Tuesday to U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson amid an ongoing debate over whether Democratic officials in California are doing enough to ease the state’s homelessness crisis.

The Democratic governor earlier this month directed his administration to identify unused state property by month’s end that local governments or nonprofits can use, so long as it doesn’t delay the development of affordable housing. …

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  1. A little research shows the State of California owns approx 7 million acres of California land and has Preston in Ione as well as Estralla correctional facility on the south coast up for sale. A little management skill and honesty would go a long way in utilizing what is already in abundance without taking more from the Nation as a whole. Most Federal lands would isolate people to remote areas and cause more to fall into the same dire straights as so many Indian reservations have had to endure.

  2. The Captive says

    Why do all these people need to remain together? Federal Lands do isolate these people and with their problems . They need to be guided to the place that will help them. Like it or not they need to DO WHAT IS NECESSARY to get them going in a positive direction. Make sure that they have to be RESPONSIBLE for what happens toward their taking care of their problems.
    We know where the criminals need to be if they are committing criminal acts. Same goes for the rest.

    • Think the demand for Federal Land is to take the control of it so it cannot be used for energy independence? Want to bet part of it is due to Trump moving the EPA and PARKS out of D.C. to locations closer to what they are administrating?

      So many questions and almost all generated by questionably intelligent Democrats.

      Newsom = the Broken Choo Choo is broken
      Newsom = authorizes Billions more be spent on what he determined is broken

  3. Mike Leipski says

    All I can say if you want the homeless to go away. Quit being so generous with the hand outs!! They will move on. But California is stuck on STUPID!! WITH A BIG D AFTER IT.

  4. Exactly, Mike. Build it and they will come.
    We are the friendliest state for much subsidies going to all persons in need. Most would be shocked to know that someone applying for a subsidy and it is granted, not only gets one in generous California, but are very surprised when money for the last year worth of subsidy amount is offered as well. So, a check for $11,000 or $15,000 or whatever the year’s worth of back subsidy is calculated at is sent to them, without question. Shocking to me!

    Work and/or some type of compensation for any subsidy from tax dollars should be mandatory in every case possible.

    And oversight of what craziness is going on in this state, in detail, must be carried out by an outside party.
    That would be one more way to start to clean up this mess called California.

  5. Geeezzzeeee guys , what would ever make you think that the Demoncraps want to solve the problem of Homelessness ?? Newscum and Becerra are working overtime on driving the middle class into the streets along with the ones who are already there. These politicians are not stupid although in the end Globalism is a form of mental retardation. This homeless problem is part of a sick and evil plan to convert California to a Communist state. It’s really that simple. Their Globalist puppet masters are dumping billions into the effort to buy the collapse of California , NY , and then the rest of the states to follow soon after. They are making it so inviting for all the homeless in the US to come to these two states and along with MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS are doing a pretty good job of devastating the state. And it’s not because they are stupid , it’s because they are traitors.
    From the sword of —–

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