California concealed gun ruling to be reconsidered

As reported by the San Jose Mercury News:

A federal appeals court will reconsider last year’s controversial ruling that would have dramatically loosened California’s restrictions on carrying concealed firearms.

In a brief order filed Thursday, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed to take a second look at the so-called Peruta case with a special 11-judge panel. The order effectively scraps a February 2014 decision that invalidated the San Diego County sheriff’s strict guidelines for concealed-carry gun permits. And for now the order preserves similar limits in the Bay Area and elsewhere enforced by local sheriffs.

A majority of the 9th Circuit’s 29 fulltime judges had to vote in favor of rehearing the case with an 11-judge panel. In a separate order, the court also agreed to reconsider a related case out of Yolo County. The court will hear arguments in the cases the week of June 15.

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  1. They’re just going to drag it out until the Supreme’s make that final decision, which they will – affirming the Right of the People to be able to provide for their own self-defense.
    To do otherwise would put them on The Wrong Side of History.
    Freedom & Liberty are in the ascendance; Tyranny is being chased from the field.
    A People which is armed are Free – one that is not are subjects.

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