California Considers Its Own $600 Jobless Benefit

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to damage the California economy, state lawmakers are weighing whether to provide a supplemental unemployment benefit given that the extra $600 per week provided by the federal government is expiring this month.

Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), the leader of a legislative working group, said there is support among Democratic lawmakers for providing up to $600 weekly to jobless Californians if Congress fails to act on extending the federal pandemic benefit.

“There are so many people who are relying on that money to pay rent, to buy food. I think the state has to do everything possible to help them pay their bills,” said Ting, chairman of the Assembly Budget Committee.

With the end of the federal supplement on July 25, state unemployment checks will go back to the weekly average of $340 unless the state or federal government restore supplemental benefits. …

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  1. Judy McGlothlin says

    When Californians refuse to go back to work because they are making more on unemployment, then that shows that the benefit amounts should be reduced.

    • Speak Your Mind says

      @Judy McGlothlin, I agree with your principled approach. However, your idea is too simplistic in this situation. The Pandemic has been exacerbated by the willingness of the GOVERNMENT to close down all businesses, large and small for months and it will likely happen again in the Fall. We cannot afford to continue to isolate the healthy, allowing businesses to permanently fail. I am sure there are some who are ‘taking advantage’ of the additional $600 per week EDD. There are legitimate reasons to end this benefit. But we also must end the direct edict by the Feds and Gov Newsom that has closed the doors of businesses across this Nation. The result of ending the additional benefit or reducing it will WITHOUT allowing all businesses to reopen will produce further economic disaster. Right now, rents and mortgages can be paid, bills are paid on time, in large part because of the additonal $600. Can you imagine the economic turmoil we will be in if we have foreclosures as a result of mortgages that can’t be paid and rents that Landlords won’t receive? Our Gov has put CA in an economic vise, and his grip is intensifying every day! The only answer that I can see is for Gov Newsom to reopen this state completely, while we protect the vulnerable among us.

  2. He will open it because he cannot afford to keep it closed.

Speak Your Mind