California could adopt strictest drunken driving limit in nation

Drunk drivingIt could soon be a lot easier to be busted for drinking and driving.

California Assemblywoman Autumn Burke, D-Marina Del Rey, and Assemblyman Heath Flora, R-Ripon, have introduced a bill that would nearly halve the maximum allowed blood alcohol content for driving, from .08 to .05.

Assembly Bill 1713 is in line with a 2013 National Transportation Safety Board recommendation.

That report concluded “that BAC levels higher than .05 are viewed by respected traffic safety and public health organizations around the world as posing unacceptable risk for driving, and more than 100 countries have already established per se BAC limits at or below .05.” …

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  1. It would be great if the did something about the f***ing dope smokers as well. I think most of them are high on something. But then again once you open pandora box.

  2. Damocles says

    Drinking to the point of loss of control then climbing into your car is NEVER acceptable . That said , It would appear that once again California government is weaponizing the law to entrap us so that they can squeeze every last dime out of us . California should have to PROVE that .05 actually negatively affects a human being to the point of loss of control. If not, then some one should be loosing their position for this attempted fraud against the People of California.

  3. Donald J. says

    Interesting that the Cali politicians would demonize alcohol and all the misery that has cost families and the taxpayers over the years just as they are opening the gates to modify the minds of the empty heads which will be another gateway to ruining lives and families as increased load will be on the taxpayers for rehab and increased welfare services. Funny how this will benefit government with more expansion and control over the minions. Damocles has hit on a nerve by exposing the fact that by lowering the readings from ,08 to .05 it will increase the conviction rate and cost many more who dare to have a glass of wine with a dinner out many millions that will increase the tax and spend coffers. Politicians very seldom do something positive for the people unless there is a benefit to them!

  4. Ms. Right says

    I wonder if they will arrest illegals? They don’t have $1,000s to pay for more insurance and a lawyer. Can we just claim to be here illegally? I’m so tired of California government.

  5. How about “busted for voting democratic”? Would be a lot better for the populace than drinking/driving!

  6. Berzrkr50 says

    Great. I’m sure the illegal aliens in that state will go along with .05 just like they do .08. People are still going to get killed by drunk illegals! The National pastime in the U.S. is baseball; in Messyco it’s buying a 24 pack and going for a drive…

  7. SHANE CONWAY says

    I believe Utah has already set their limit at .05 BAC. Now, what are you all going to do about THC (marijuana) levels?

  8. Politicians must own lots uf Uber stock.

    • showandtell says

      I wouldn’t be surprised. The former mayor of my city was found to be rather heavily invested in American Standard plumbing fixtures after the city passed ordinances that said a sale or remodel of one’s home would trigger mandatory installation of low-flow and ultra-low-flow toilets as well as constricted-flow shower heads and all the rest of that nonsense.

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