California gas prices spike while much of country drops

In the past seven days, the average price for a gallon of gas in California has jumped $0.27 per gallon to $4.16, according to the latest AAA Gas Prices data.

By comparison, the national average for a gallon of gas stands at $2.66 per gallon.

Industry experts cite refinery problems and the September attack on a Saudi Arabian oil facility for the increases.

“These factors are continuing the spike that began after the attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure earlier this month,” read a news release posted on the AAA of California website.

However, the price spike in California does not match the price trend throughout much of the country. …

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  1. Joan Clendenin says

    I was in New York City last week. Gasoline was $2.25 a gallon.

  2. as usual, “problems at the refineries” this is california, expect to get hurt bad. maybe the state government can take over the refineries….hahahahaha

  3. California voters deserve high prices, they voted for them!
    Stupid is as stupid does!

  4. I thought the philosophy/platform of the democratic party was to help the poor people in our society. If gasoline prices go to $5.00 gallon as predicted, my wife and I at our age can probably survive the increase. But what about the poor migrant farmworkers, people who are living paycheck to paycheck, children like our daughers who are starting a family and hoping to buy a home and live the American dream? How will they absorb the increase in gas prices? The stench of democratic/socialist hyprocrisy once again.

    • MARK BUCKLIN says

      But wait, that can’t be true! California, after all, is the World’s 5th largest economy, no wait, the World’s 6th largest economy, no wait, the World’s 7th largest…

  5. Right on JimM! The sheeple keep voting for stupid liberals and are getting the government they deserve. I wonder what will happen when the Moonbeam’s/Nichols cap-n-trade fiasco starts next January? Will they finally get the torches and pitchforks out of their closets?

  6. Brenda Torres says

    Governor Newsom just signed an ‘Executive Order N-19-19’ to divert our Gas Tax Monies for his ‘Green New Deal’…You can look for them to go up once again because, ‘Once Again Our Roads Will Take A Back Seat To The Democrat’s Priorities’!!!

  7. ExCaliExpat says

    The Democrats WANT high gas prices so they will cause us to capitulate to their preferences that we all take public transportation from our high density multi family living places along the rail lines to our jobs where we give all our earnings to them so they can redistribute them to their illegal immigrants, who,gratefully vote for them in exchange for their promises…
    Gas engines represent independence & freedom, both of which are threats to a socialist, who yearns to control every aspect of your life…
    Don’t you understand that???
    Democrats like AOC & Yang WANT you to want to give up your car and submit to their control, while contributing to their “Green New Deal”…
    Newsom is one of em, too!!!
    Get rid of him!!!

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