California GOP in legal standoff over ‘ballot harvesting’ with unofficial drop boxes

After the electoral hammering California Republicans took in 2018, the party decided to put aside any misgivings it had about “ballot harvesting” and set up its own operation.

In so doing, it’s now earned itself a cease-and-desist letter from California’s Democratic secretary of state.

At issue: Unofficial ballot drop boxes that the state GOP purchased and set up at conservative churches, party headquarters, gun shops and other likely Republican voter haunts across the state. Some of the drop boxes, first reported in detail by the Orange County Register, were affixed with the label “Official Ballot Dropbox.”

As all active registered voters are due to receive a ballot in the mail this election, Californians can cast their vote by mail, in person or at secure drop boxes. State law requires each county to set up a certain number of these drop boxes based on its size. 

These makeshift GOP collection points are not among them.

State Republican spokesperson Hector Barajas said the “statewide” ballot box operation was fully consistent with the 2016 state election law allowing voters to entrust someone else to deliver a ballot on their behalf. …

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  1. Voting should be done in person on one voting day with a photo ID . If there is a reason you can not make it then you can request an absentee ballot. Registration to vote needs to be done in person with proof of citizenship.

  2. What Padilla you don’t LIKE FAIR ELECTIONS? This is a scumbag piece of garbage..ARM YOURSLEVES, OTHER CALIFORNIANS ARE DOING THE SAME THING….This election might just come down to a all out civil war…LOCK AND LOAD

  3. Jet Driver says

    Oh it’s OK for the Democrats to do it, but not the Republicans. I would tell the Democratic secretary of state to go pound salt. The election will be over by the time they do anything about it.

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