California GOP moves to align with Donald Trump policies

As reported by the Sacramento Bee:

The California Republican Party moved Sunday into greater alignment with President Donald Trump, approving resolutions opposing sanctuary cities, advocating robust vetting of citizens from seven Muslim-majority nations and supporting a swift repeal of the federal healthcare overhaul.

Delegates to the state party, meeting in Sacramento for their annual spring convention, also voted to reaffirm their aversion for tax and fee increases proposed as part of the state’s 2017-18 budget.

The resolutions, drafted with the help of longtime conservative activist Steve Frank, come as Republicans labor to identify common ground with Trump as some of their officials continue to distance themselves from his more controversial stances and statements.

All four proposals were adopted with no discussion.

The move represents a departure of sorts for a party that has tried to grow its shrinking ranks by adopting a more inclusive tone. …

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  1. They tried being “Democrat Lite” and that got them nowhere.
    Now, when they lose, they’ll know that voters are voting against their policies (maybe), and not the “R” after their name.

  2. Thanks Republican Association – the last time I called you people you told me to vote democrat!

  3. This is encouraging. Where did the RINOs go?

  4. Really??? says

    Who is that masked man? Of course it is Steve Frank.

    Let’s hope it will not take a stick of dynamite to get the rest to move.

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