California governor Brown endorses Clinton

As reported by CNN:

California Governor Jerry Brown lent his support to Hillary Clinton Tuesday, saying it was the only way to “stop the dangerous candidacy of Donald Trump.”

Next week’s California primary is the final battleground for Clinton as she prepares to clinch the nomination. But it has become an unexpectedly tight race between her and Bernie Sanders, which does not bode well for Clinton.

Even though she will likely secure the nomination in New Jersey, which also goes to the polls June 7, Clinton has banked on the support of non-white Americans. A loss in the diverse Golden State would show that Sanders has made in-roads with these voters. Sanders has pledged to stay in the race until the Democratic convention in July. …

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  1. Jim Carr says

    For any thinking person that knows the history of Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown and knows the deceiption this guys has pulled these past few year as our governor that would be a “kiss of death”. If you love new taxes keep voting for these Democrats.

    • Jim-study @ and to learn how California has done itself in Jerry is a franchise manager- looks like he opened his cake hole a little early for hill- see news @ the “truth” is coming out at lightening speed. All these so called journalists will be held accountable as well.. The soap opera world in Sacramento–

  2. Skeptical says

    “California Governor Jerry Brown lent his support to Hillary Clinton Tuesday, saying it was the only way to “stop the dangerous candidacy of Donald Trump.””
    Jerry Brown, first your flapping lips to the media gave the green light to the new full-time spending legislature to hand you an”abolish the publ;ic sector employee union” prohibition ( THANKS A LOT JERRY!).
    Now you promote ideology in preference to a soon-to-be-federally- indicted candidate, over a grass roots pick.
    Do your lips complain about what your brain makes them say?
    It would be easy to understand why!

  3. Rottweiler says

    Crooks always defend their lot. The Democrapic party is full of them and I find it so disheartening that anyone (even Californians) would blindly vote for such an obvious upside down, anti-American, absurd, over-taxing thieves like almost everyone of them represents. Each one gets caught either never paying their taxes, some other form of corruption, self interests, self-trading, heinous, money grubbing, name callers and blame gamers. They are smelly thieves that keep getting elected by blind followers no matter how much destruction they create. They always claim Republicans like cheap labor. I have news for you look at the 75% of the liberals living here and I can see the cheap gardners and house cleaners (aka child care) these libs use but don’t include themselves in all of the selfish people who use the illegals but never provide healthcare for them or remove taxes from their earnings. They are so cheap that they would never consider to remove taxes, they are too busy defending cheap labor by blaming the other party. They are by far the biggest offenders. I can’t stand these people and plan to leave due to the stupidity of this ilk. They will eat themselves eventually and thank the lord for that. They spoil all that they touch.

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