California Imposes Curfew as L.A. Careens Toward New Lockdown Measures

California announced Thursday it will impose a mandatory overnight stay-at-home order for much of the state as COVID-19 surged to unprecedented levels and hard-hit Los Angeles County careened toward even more severe lockdown measures.

While the coronavirus is surging across the state, the situation in Los Angeles County was quickly reaching crisis levels, with nearly 5,000 new coronavirus cases Thursday, the most it has seen in any one day since the pandemic began.

Morever, California set another record for most coronavirus cases in a single day Thursday. An independent county-by-county tally conducted by The Times found that 13,422 new coronavirus cases were reported Thursday, the second time in a week the single-day record has been broken.

The single-day record was last broken on Monday, when 13,412 coronavirus cases were reported. …

Click here to read the full article from the L.A. Times.


  1. More cases because there is more testing, how many are on respirators and how many died. I’m so sick of this government scamdemic.

  2. They fail to mention there is more testing of Asymptomatic people with Sars2, meaning they aren’t in the hospital. I should know I work at a large hospital in Santa Moscow and no much happening on that front. It is all about fear mongering and control. Why the curfew? Does the Sars2 virus skulk around at the hours between 10pm-5pm outside no less? When are people going to realize it is all about controlling the population and creating a non-science based fear. As if the masks did anything to prevent the spread outside. Only if someone is spewing fluid, mucous, coughing or spitting on you would a mask be 1/2 value. Don’t forget to wear safety goggles so it does not get into your eye. The only thing Sars2 will do to the triggered individual is kill your freedom, independence and common sense. If they are so beneficial then why when everyone has been wearing them has there been a spike? Figure that one out. Why are schools closed when the chances of kids getting it is infinitely small, something like 1/3rd of 1%. They don’t pass it either. The schools are closed because the unions like SEIU want them to be closed, the teachers still get pay and your child gets more things removed, their prom, their social life, interaction, their sports, virtually more things that would make them commit suicide but all to save a few old people who were end of life anyhow. The Dems don’t consider all that they hurt to save those who might have died from the yearly flu, but then again they don’t care it is all about the power and dictating. Just ask Newsom who is partying in HI with a bunch of his Sacramento buddies yucking it up without masks or quarantine.

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