California Is Losing Young People – Texas Is Getting More of Them

America’s most populous state is losing its young people.

California’s youth population fell by more than 400,000 over the past decade to 8.9 million, largely due to a decline in immigrant inflows and a falling birth rate, according to the latest Census data. The population grew for all the state’s older age-groups, highlighting the demographic challenge of an aging workforce in the coming generations.

The decline in young people is a common trend in the U.S., where 30 states recorded a drop in the under-18 age bracket between 2010 and 2019, according to recently released data.

Chalk up the decline in California primarily to people having fewer babies, said Stephen Levy, director of the Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy, a research group. The state’s birth rate is at the lowest in history. Other experts suggest falling foreign immigration and more out-migration to other states also are hurting California. …

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  1. Falling birthrate. What is to be expected when we murder our children before they can be born? In fact our country has murdered over 60 million defenseless babies who no doubt would have also had children of their own.

  2. John you can chalk that one up to “Good Catholic” Pelosi for one! The real problem with the generation moving out of California is taking their ideas of a Socialist/Communist society and ruining otherwise great States to live in.

  3. Hummm if it is a falling birth rate, and people are leaving, then the Capitalist system will even out the cost of housing. More supply vs. demand.

    But then again the Socialists will continue to import illegals that cannot afford the dropping cost and then will tax more of the middle class right out of the State. Wait I know they can then tax businesses more, but would that not drive businesses out of business or out of the State?

    This is so confusing.

    But then again our lousy Gov. Newsom will expalin it…and everything will be OK…… Really???

  4. Ruthi McCullah says

    Leave it to Bloomberg to blame an immigration drop rather than put the blame where it should be…ABORTION, TAXES, POOR STATE MANAGEMENT FROM THE LIKES OF LIBERALS LIKE HIM. People are leaving California because the government running California is making it unaffordable. Babies are not being born because they are being murdered in the womb!

  5. “Other experts suggest falling foreign immigration and more out-migration to other states also are hurting California. …”
    Departing illegal aliens with low skills is not hurting California. Sanctuary State policies attracting illegal aliens are.

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