California Jail Inmates Promised Free Medical Visits Under New Law

California’s jails and prisons will soon offer free medical visits for all inmates, under a law Gov. Gavin Newsom signed on Tuesday.

Assembly Bill 45, which will take effect at the start of 2020, will bar city and county jails from charging inmates a copayment in order for them to see a doctor or dentist. It will also prevent those jails from charging a fee for equipment or supplies that are medically necessary to an incarcerated person.

The new law also applies to the state’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, which announced earlier this year it would no longer charge a $5 co-pay. Since 1994, the state corrections department had been able to charge $5 each time an inmate came in for a medical or dental visit. The fee would be added to the inmate’s prison account, and if the inmate had no available funds, there would be no charge. …

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