California law restricting freelance journalists may change

California freelance journalists may soon be free of restrictions imposed by a law that took effect on January 1.

California Assembly Bill 5, or AB 5, regulated the work of independent contractors, including drivers for services like Uber, food delivery workers, hairdressers and other gig economy workers. But AB 5 also prevented freelance writers, editors and photographers from contributing more than 35 “content submissions” to a media organization per year.

Freelancers fiercely opposed the bill, with some digital media writers arguing the limit was not sustainable. In December, two organizations representing freelancers — American Society of Journalists and Authors and the National Press Photographers Association— sued the state of California. …

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  1. AB5 is a disaster. The law should be reversed. Not much thought was given to the impact of the bill. A sad statement about our California government, but not surprising.

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