California Legislators Won’t Extend Eviction Ban

California’s eviction protections will almost certainly not be extended once they expire after Sept. 30, the state Assembly Housing chairperson said today.

The legislative session ends Friday, so that’s the last day that lawmakers could push off that deadline. But the political appetite just isn’t there to act, according to David Chiu, a San Francisco Democrat who spearheaded the previous efforts to stall the displacement of tenants amid the pandemic.

“I believed our eviction protections for tenants should be extended beyond September 30. The delta variant and the end of many unemployment benefits make that even more urgent,” Chiu told CalMatters. “Unfortunately, some of my colleagues feel differently, and there’s not enough consensus for that.”

The current round of eviction protections were extended on June 25, just days before they were set to expire. At that point, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon said he hoped the economy would be in full swing so that another moratorium would not be necessary. Rendon’s office declined to comment on the absence of another extension.

“The Legislature has kind of set a trap for itself because it won’t be in session when that expires,” said Brian Augusta, legislative advocate for the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation, who has been lobbying for stronger protections throughout the pandemic. “So, that means, what we see is what we get.” …

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  1. Robin Itzler says

    It is very sad how this rent moratorium has hurt middle-class landlords. Folks who own one, two or three properties. While some people needed the moratorium for a few months, what has happened is that many renters took advantage of the moratorium. Now we created a new class of victims: small landlords.

  2. Despite hunks of money from the Federal government and goosed up unemployment benefits, many chose to spend on other things. At some point, landlord will not be able to further subsidize tenants or mortgage companies subsidizing mortgage payers who need to make an existential decision about how they will support themselves for long term. These moratoriums only delay the inevitable choices that must be made.

  3. Leave it to the Democrats to ride a horse until he falls down. Political appetite governs every decision these fellows make. The voters don’t realize it’s being shoved up their rectum until it comes out their mouth.

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